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Oracle Anastasia
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Oracle Anastasia


Allow me to untangle the confusion in your life you have been holding on for too long. If you are feeling confused, I can give you CLARITY and peace of mind. If you are feeling alone, I am HERE for you. I will answer all of your questions with nothing but honesty and respect. 

I have reunited lovers, cleared obstacles, distanced enemies, and much more. I can help where others have given up! ✨

I combined my god given gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience with a unique ability to bond with my clients. I will help you realize how to get out of your old way of life and recognize the limitations that obstruct you from achieving your full highest potential. I can help you find your soul mate & determine if the relationship you're in is right for you! If you are not already there I can help place you on the road to connecting with your soul mate. 

  • Are you struggling to find happiness? 
  • Are you working and working but have nothing to show for it? 
  • Do you feel an emptiness inside that you just cannot fulfill? 

You have just taken the first step on the path to a better tomorrow! I can help you in these and many different areas of your life through one of my readings. 

Specializing in relationships I use clairaudience to hear what he or she is thinking and feeling! 💑


I am a 5th generation master psychic with 8 years of experience professionally helping & guiding people into the path that is destined for them over text, phone and in person.

I am a psychic by blood. At the age of ten I started seeing these amazing visions and was able to tap into what other people were feeling. I was able to take advantage and use the gifts I have to help, I was helping friends and family members with my insight. 

I have committed myself to putting in the time and effort to help people in need of guidance. I think that it is a wonderful gift and a chance to help. Often, people are at a crossroads in life, and I can provide information to help them with my gifts 

I am a caring-honest, direct, compassionate, spiritual, insightful, nonjudgmental psychic. The LGBTQ community is welcomed! 🌈

I use my energies and powers to help guide my clients on the right path without any use of negative energies or forcing anyone to be with you against their own will. All my love spells allow your partner to come back on their own free will. 

I do not use negative energies, all my powers are natural so that bad karma is not reflected on you or anyone.

Contact me today for a better tomorrow! 🔆

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