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How to Manifest with Cosmic Ordering


Cosmic Ordering harnesses the power of positive thinking and the creative energy of our thoughts to manifest whatever we desire. There are no limits, you can ask for anything, a new love or a new house, money or wealth, health or healing... whatever you desire can be yours.

The only demand is that you be positive, be open and be at ease, requesting your cosmic order without worry or attachment to the outcome. Visualize what it is you want, lightly holding that request in your mind without worry or attachment to the outcome, and then releasing it to the cosmos. The cosmic ordering service should then be left to fulfil your order in its own creative way.

There are many theories about how it works, but the consensus is that at some level we are all connected, our thoughts are creative and energetic and can communicate through the cosmic connections. Whether it is our own creative thoughts, or some other power that finally manifests our desires is a question for each individual and one of the wonderful mysteries of life. The important thing however is that it works.

How often have you thought about someone you haven't been in contact with for a while and then shortly afterwards they contact you? Our thoughts are powerful and creative. Cosmic ordering is about harnessing that positive energy and using it to help realize our dreams. Be positive, be open and be at ease. Negativity, closed thinking and anxiety will kill the process dead. If you find that these things are blocking your ability to successfully place and receive your cosmic orders, then you may need to do additional clearing work to remove the emotional or psychological blocks to your success.

The best thing though, is to start ordering small, inconsequential things to build your confidence in the process. Here are some general guidelines for Cosmic Ordering Sometimes the delivery can be subtle and you must be open and alert for the opportunities the cosmic ordering service delivers to you as part of the fulfilment process. For example, you might "accidentally" bump into someone who could prove to be invaluable. Or you could discover a key piece of information, get an inspiration or have a brainwave that paves the way for your delivery. You must be ready and willing to take the opportunities when they arrive. In conclusion, Cosmic Ordering keeps you focused.

Research shows that people who write down their needs and goals are more likely to achieve them. It boosts your self-confidence. When you believe that something is possible, your subconscious is more aware and alert for relevant opportunities when they arrive. It brings you positive experiences. Sending out positive energy into the Cosmos will automatically attract positive people and opportunities to you. Studies also suggest that that people with lots of friends suffer least from depression.

And finally, it brings you good health. Thinking positively will mean you're less likely to suffer from stress, which in turn will have a positive influence on your health. Stress encourages unhealthy behaviour like smoking, drinking and eating junk food. It can suppress your immune system and increase your blood pressure, raising the risk of heart disease over time. Some research even suggests that optimists live longer than pessimists. What do you have to lose?