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Wise Spirit provides you with the necessary tools to unlock the secrets that will enable you to create the life you deserve! You are indeed capable of living the life that you are dreaming of. Do not be a passive observer in your own life. If you are not living your life to its fullest potential, it’s time to jump start your passion and change your life! Through carefully designed Intuitive based services, I will help you to understand the bigger picture & set in motion practical solutions that will help you to:

get the answers you need now to become the person you were meant to be
overcome your fears and grow from your past
get the Love you deserve from a meaningful relationship


I didn’t just pop up on the scene waving a deck of cards my Dear. For 25+ years I’ve been assisting folks with my Intuitive gifts. No tools, no fluff and all straight talk. None of that mumbo jumbo that you won’t understand. I chat with you like I’d chat with a good friend. Over a glass of Chai tea or a glass of Merlot…lol! Whichever the situation calls for. Here on Zodiac Psychics I’ve offered my services to folks all over the World and have enjoyed meeting the most Wonderful people from ALL walks of life :)

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