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The Best Crystals for Leo Season

Best crystals for Leo season

Leo season is here until the end of August. It will be sexy and exciting but also tumultuous! Here are a few crystals you may want to have nearby to bolster the Lion’s roar but also temper it.

Leo season is the season for passion and romance. Unakite Jasper is a helpful stone when you are trying to turn summer love into something long lasting. Unakite resonates within the heart chakra, supporting feelings of love, unity and compassion. This stone has a grounding energy, which will help bring balance to intense emotions, encouraging harmony and supporting the gentle give and take of healthy commitments. 

The universe will be calling on you to get out of your comfort zone this season. There will be new opportunities in business and new adventures in your personal life. Tiger’s Eye supports and nourishes your solar plexus chakra, the seat of empowerment, courage and self-confidence. With its grounding energy bolstering your root chakra, you will be practical and sensible when choosing what risks will be worthwhile and what will fizzle out. Carry Tiger’s Eye with you on first dates, while reviewing contracts and agreements, and when trying new things, for both courage and clarity. 

Some of you will need to take a step back from it all. Leo season is charged by the Sun’s celestial vibrations, which may be too much for some who went through a stressful retrograde. Rose quartz is renowned for its soothing and healing energies. Carry this stone when you need to be reminded to put your self-care first. It will give you loving compassion for yourself, soothe your stress and anxiety, and may also offer some relief from aches and pains brought on by stress.

Does it feel as though things are in shambles after Retrograde ran roughshod over it? Get some amethyst to clear your mind and align your thoughts. Amethyst nourishes your third eye and crown chakra, providing calming your mind, helping you see things clearly and giving you the wisdom to find the solutions you need. An added bonus of the crystal are its calming vibrations, so keeping it nearby will keep panic and anxiety away while you sort yourself out. 

For those of you who are brave enough to face the full power of the Lion this season, Carnelian is the way to go. Carnelian’s vibration resonates very strongly in the sacral chakra, the seat of personal power and life force. Carrying Carnelian with you this season will connect you to all the passion and vitality the Leo season embodies. But don’t worry if you get too carried away, the grounding energy of this fiery stone should keep you from getting too out of hand. 

Above all make the most of Leo season because soon Virgo’s more tempered energy will be upon us and will be longing for the carefree energy this season brought.

Sending you healing vibrations,
Binah Love  
Certified Crystal Healer & Intuitive Tarot Reader


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