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Using crystals to get what you want

Using crystals to get what you want

What are you after? Are you seeking love, success, self-growth? No matter what you wish to manifest in your life, you can use the power of crystals to help you get what you want. While crystals are no magic remedy, many believe that precious stones have their own energy. Crystals can be worn, placed throughout your space or used during meditation to influence or affect certain areas of your body, mind and life in general. 


If you’re looking to attract love, Rose Quartz is your best friend. It’s popularity as a love stone goes back to ancient times. It’s connection to the Heart Chakra helps you access your compassion and trust and opens us you to loving yourself and others. Rose Quartz is used to manifest a romantic relationship, strength an existing one, or build self-love.

Pink Tourmaline and Lapis Lazuli are also popular love stones. Pink Tourmaline helps attract your soulmate, imbuing you with positive energy and an open heart, while Lapis Lazuli fosters honesty and communication within a relationship. To use manifest love with crystals, trying wearing them around your neck so that they rest over your heart or place them in your bedroom.


To manifest financial success, get yourself a Citrine. This bright yellow crystal is a symbol of good luck and wealth. No wonder it’s sometimes called the “Merchant’s Stone”. Citrine can awaken personal power and attract joy and abundance.  

Green Aventurine, considered one of the luckiest stones, is also a popular choice for attracting wealth as well as new opportunities. To maintain courage and calm on the path toward success, use a Tiger’s Eye. Prosperity crystals are most effective if kept in your wallet or purse. If you have a business, put one in the cash drawer.


Are you in need of some confidence, strength, positivity or motivation? Green Apatite, Sunstone or Carnelian may be your best choices. Green Apatite can ease feelings of insecurity and inferiority and encourages positive energy. Similarly, Sunstone is all about positivity and encouragement. It’s a healing stone of light and warm, meant to ignite passion and motivate.

If you’re in need of creative motivation, keep Carnelian in your workspace. Called the “Artist’s Stone”, this orange crystal eases anxiety and unleashes creativity. It can help you imagine new ideas and push through difficult situations.


Hurry the healing process with Clear Quartz or Amethyst, two multi-purpose stones. Both ward off negative energy and have balancing properties to calm emotions and cleanse the mind. Clear Quartz can help heal any chakra. It amplifies the energy you put into it so hold it in your hand while you meditate and focus on the area you want to heal. Amethyst offers relief from stress, fear and anger. It can also promote sleep and expand the unconscious mind. Keep next to the bed to help you remember your dreams.