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Are Ghosts Real?

Are Ghosts Real?

A whisper in your ear when there’s no one around. 

Footsteps in an otherwise empty house. 

A shadow you see from the corner of your eye. 

Random cold spots. Flickering lights. Strange smells.

Sure, there could be a scientific explanation for all of it. Or it could be a ghost.

What are paranormal phenomena?

When something happens that people can’t quite explain through scientific observation and investigation, it tends to get labeled as a paranormal phenomenon. An occurrence that’s beyond the norm and usually attributed to mysticism, coincidence, or a hoax. Psychic Reading. ESP. Astral projection. Auras. Crop circles. Ghosts. Pretty much anything science can’t figure out.

Most of us know someone who’s experienced something that could be defined as paranormal. Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself? Strange orbs captured on your camera. A dream that came true with alarming accuracy. The feeling like you’re being watched when you’re alone. Is it a trick of the mind, happenstance, or something otherwordly?

An old gravestone sits alone in an overgrown field.
It's a common belief that death is not the end, which means those we've lost may be able to make contact with us. It also means some souls get stuck here and need help moving on.

Do ghosts exist?

Is there irrefutable scientific evidence that proves ghosts are real? No. 

Of course, it’s impossible to prove that ghosts don’t exist. Ghosts likely have a permanent place in the paranormal phenomena category, yet the belief is very real. 

Humans are naturally curious. One of the greatest curiosities that have plagued people since the dawn of time is what happens to us when we die. Where does our consciousness go? Do departed souls leave this earthly plane for somewhere new? 

Every culture has its concepts and beliefs surrounding death and the afterlife. For many people, that includes the belief that the soul lives on in some way. So if the soul still exists somewhere, who’s to say it can’t come back? 

What is a ghost?

Not all ghosts are created equal, as we’ll explain below. The most commonly held concept is that a ghost is the soul of someone who has died here on earth. 

Some believe ghosts are stuck between the earthly plane and the afterlife, either as punishment or because they have unfinished business. They appear as shadows, orbs, human apparitions, or creatures, either in front of you or only in dreams. They may cause sounds, smells, or move objects. These ghosts may come seeking revenge, bearing a warning, or simply because they remain tethered to this realm for some reason.

A ghostly apparition appears on a dark pathway.
Most ghosts have a purpose. A message to share, a warning to give, or a task to complete. Some try to make contact while others aren't aware they're ghosts. What types of ghosts have you encountered?

Types of ghosts

Haunted messengers 

If you get a visit from a haunted messenger, pay close attention! These ghosts visit people for a specific purpose. They usually come with a message or warning for the family or friends they left behind. Haunted messengers tend to be silent visitors so watch out for the gestures they make, objects they seem interested in, or the places they appear.

Wandering ghosts

Like a haunted messenger but not usually someone you know. These are unpredictable spirits who pop up in the most random of places to give a warning or message. 

Haunted apparitions

In life, this was a person hyper-focused on an action or task. In death, their soul wants so badly to continue the work that they get stuck in a ghostly cycle. A pirate who would do anything to protect their buried treasure in life may still be compelled to protect it from treasure seekers even after death.

Sedentary Ghosts

These disembodied spirits show up in the same place time and again, which is often the place where they died. These are souls tormented by their failure to complete something important in life or because they did something bad.


There are hallucinatory apparitions, that show themselves briefly and leave no trace. Then there are phantoms. They can talk and move freely and, most importantly, leave traces of their presence. Phantoms like to leave notes, move household items, open and close doors, make footprints, and any other sign they’ve been around.  

Crisis Ghosts

In times of tragedy, we want to see the ones we love the most, even those we’ve lost. Your dearly departed may appear when they know you need them most, either before or during a tragedy. A crisis ghost can be an omen that foretells an accident or illness to come so be cautious in the day or two that follows an unexpected ghostly visit from a loved one.

A depiction of La Llorona, a well-known ghost from Mexican folklore.
Every culture in the world has ghost stories. One of the most popular is La Llorona. According to Mexican folklore, she's the ghost of a woman who carries the guilt of killing her children.

Ghosts around the world

Folklore, myth, and legend are full of ghost stories, no matter where you go:

Banshee (Irish folklore)

The piercing cry of the banshee is a harbinger of death, but only if you’re Irish. The banshee foretells the demise of any Irish person, even those who left Ireland long along. Don’t be fooled by the pale red-haired beauty in a green cloak crying over a grave. The banshee’s true form is an ugly old woman with gray hair waving in the wind.

Kichkandi (Nepalese folklore)

The spirit of a woman tethered to the place of her untimely death and a piece of her body that resides there, like a bone. Kichkandi faced tragedy in life and now wanders alone in a red wedding dress, sometimes preying on unsuspecting young men who come to her aid.

Myling (Scandinavian folklore)

The spirit of an unwanted child who may have died at the hands of its mother. The myling can only find rest if it’s given a proper burial, which it seeks to accomplish by jumping on the backs of solo travelers.

La Llorona (Mexican folklore)

Consumed by guilt over drowning her children in a rage, La Llorona forever wanders in misery. She is said to be seen wearing white, wailing, and near water.

Skondhokata / Kondhokata (Bengali folklore)

Train passengers report seeing these headless ghosts searching for their skulls around railroad tracks. Decapitated in a train or other accident, the Skondhokata will force any human they find to join in the hunt.

A group of people in 1920’s fashion gathers around a table to perform a seance.
The Spiritualism movement of the early 1900s made group seances a popular thing. These days, spirit communication has gone digital. Paranormal experts on our platform can make otherworldly connections by chatting or calling with you.

How do you summon a ghost?

Around here, we don’t take the spirit world lightly. We’re going to assume that anyone attempting to contact the spirit world is doing so with knowledge, caution, and respect. Luckily, our platform has some great paranormal phenomena experts who can walk you through the process of spirit communication.

Here are some methods that advisors use to contact the spirit world:

  • Inherent or learned abilities, like a psychic medium. These people are often able to see and talk to spirits without any special tools or rituals.
  • Oujia board. More than a toy or a trick, spirit boards can be a vessel through which a ghost can channel their energy and share a message.
  • Channeling. The ability to let otherworldly forces take control of your body and speak through you.
  • Automatic writing. Similar to channeling. The spirit communicates by writing or drawing using the person’s hand.
The neon sign of a theme park haunted house.
A haunted house is no joke. Not all spirits have good intentions and not everyone is equipped to deal with it alone. An online advisor can help you with zero judgment and total anonymity.

Help! My house is haunted!

To free a ghost that’s tethered here, it’s important to find out why they’re struggling to move on and then seek out guidance to perform the right rituals to set them free. 

Are you haunted by a loved one? A session with a medium or channeler can help you communicate with those you’ve lost to bring closure and understanding to any situation. 

Want to know if you have a spirit guide? Not every ghost you’ll meet was someone you knew when they’ve lived. Find out if any spirits are around you and what message they have to share. Browse the Zodiac Psychics network today to connect with an experienced expert in paranormal phenomena.