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Automatic writing is a subconscious approach to writing. In simplest terms, It is the process of spontaneously writing what comes through our mind without anticipation or forethought of any kind, but it’s really much more than that.  

Automatic writing is often a trance state with the writing originating from a place outside our conscious awareness, though some gifted writers can also do it in a non-trance state. Nevertheless, in both cases, writers have no prior knowledge or information about what they write.

Psychology experts and spiritual coaches have controversial perspectives about the source of automatic writing. Some believe it comes from the unconscious mind, and others think that supernatural forces pass on the written information.

Whichever the approach, spirit writing is a gateway to self-knowledge and to our higher self.
Our automatic writing experts practice it as a divination technique. They experience messages from spirits or angels flowing through them, as if the otherworldly being is moving their hand and arm over the paper.

In that sense, automatic writing is a form of channeling.

The practice of automatic writing helps our advisors perfect other psychic skills and tap into your energy and emotions more accurately. If you allow your spirit guides to reveal and shine through you, you will find that the guidance received from our most gifted psychics will help you in countless ways.

Connecting with your spirit guide is one the most magical moments that is likely to occur.
Allow the spirits to guide your session, and receive enlightening insights on how to grow spiritually and transform your life into a dream come true.

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