Channeling 391 Advisors

Channeling is the process of relaying and receiving information from an entity outside with a person is in a deep altered state of consciousness. Although conscious levels often vary from person to person, Channeling requires a light meditation to deep trance state. However, the person channeling must operate in an altered mental state to "sync" and reach the compatible level in which the client and person channeling can operate on. The entities clients claim to harness in their channeling sessions range from:

  • Aliens
  • Demons
  • Angels
  • Dead Relatives
  • Higher Dimensional Entities
  • Friends

This list also includes living people as well, meaning that this list goes on longer than what's listed above. Amazing enough, we all have the potential for having psychic ability, we just need the drive and a channel to properly interpret what our entities are trying to tell us.

Channeling Explained

Channeling has the ability to work with many forms and it does not require a trance-like state with a client relaxing on a couch and tackling a foreign language... which is how many envision the process. The psychic tools that we are most familiar with are - in fact - channeling. These processes are commonly known as seances, ouija boards, automatic writing, and psychic healing. Channeling with inexperience can be fairly dangerous, which is likely the case for anyone that has operated an ouija board with less than positive results. With this being said, there must be preparations made before one embarks on a channeling experience.

Types of Channeling

It should be known that there's two forms of channeling, which are Trance Channeling and Conscious Channeling. Here's the significant differences between both forms of channeling:

  • Trance Channeling - Trance Channeling operates with a client going to sleep, the client surrendering control of their body, and allowing the outside entity to use the client as a vessel. This way the entity can speak and communicate through the body. Once the theperson/vessel awakes, they'll have no recollection of what happened during the process... but the event has been recorded for reference after the channeling has taken place. What comes from the recordings are often elegant and clean, with occasional ego on behalf of the person channeling as they're trying to interfere with the entity for questioning. An excellent example would be Edgar Cayce, as he was involved in a long-term trace channeling process. His channeling experience was much like Carla Rueckert's experience, which led to her work in Ra Material.
  • Conscious Channeling - Conscious Channeling is much more prevalent than Trance Channeling. Being a modern - and compelling - form of channeling, it was the origin of the Set/Jane Roberts material. This channeling process allows the channeler to stay conscious as all expression in allowed through the body. This isn't the cleanest form of channeling, as the channeler can edit the information as they're conscious... but much cleaner than Trance Channeling with a beginner.

With many ways to connect on a higher spiritual plane, anything that you may be good at can be a vessel for channeling. Music, art, writing, sports, dancing, or any other creative endeavor allow you to modify the creative endeavors to suit your spiritual needs and open yourself to a "higher plane" as you immerse yourself into the activity. As there's plenty of opportunities for channeling, you may have felt the feeling of "drifting off" in activity you enjoy in daily life. Chances are that you've channeled without you even knowing it!