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Zodiac Psychics Holiday Gift Guide

Zodiac Psychics Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is here! That means the hunt is on for gifts as magical as the extraordinary people in your life. Skip the mall and treat your loved ones to something special with a gift from Zodiac Psychics.

Want to send positive vibes to your bestie? Got a relative who loves tarot? A co-worker who needs some self-love? We’ve got something for everyone on your list.

Start shopping and make sure you get everyone a gift they’ll love from the soul.

Best gifts for astrology lovers

Are you searching for the top gift for an astrology lover? If you want to get them something truly unique, what’s better than a professional reading?

Vedic Astrology | If you love astrology, then you’re missing out if you’ve never had a Vedic astrology session. It’s ideal for any moon goddess on your list.

Life Path Number | Shopping for someone with a holiday birthday? Your life path number is the sum total of your date of birth and reveals insights like no other numerology reading!

Natal Chart | Call it a natal or a birth chart. Either way, it’s one of the most in-depth astrological forecasts you can get. Perfect for any astrology lover!

Best gifts for someone who needs more self-love

Is there someone in your life who could use some self-care and self-compassion? Show them they’re worth it with a healing psychic session.

Distance Reiki | Reiki distance healing provides all the benefits of an in-person session, making it the perfect choice for someone who needs healing on the go!

Shadow Self | What is your shadow self? It’s what you need to discover to create inner harmony. Gift this to someone at odds with themselves.

Crystal Healing | Know a crystal lover? Get them the best crystals for self-care and a reading from a crystal healing expert.  

Best gifts for the modern esoteric

Is there someone in your life who lives for their psychic readings? Do they consider themselves super insightful or even psychic themselves? Treat them to some deeply esoteric healing.

Clairvoyance | Seeking guidance through clairvoyance is more popular than ever! Give your favorite esoteric enthusiast the gift of clear insight.

Candle Magic | What is candle magic? It’s the perfect choice for the aspiring witch or anyone interested in spells, intention-setting, or just something new.

Automatic Writing | Messages from your subconscious or the spirit world? There’s something truly special about an automatic writing session, making it ideal for a truly special someone.

Best gifts for someone who's always taking selfies

Anyone who loves to snap a photo will be right at home with picture-based readings. Take a pic of your drink, face, hands (or feet!) and upload it in the chat!

Wine Reading | A tasseography reading takes many forms, like coffee, tea, or (our fave) wine! Get this gift for someone who loves to crack open a bottle and has no problem finishing their glass.

Face Reading | An ancient way of understanding who we are, face readers examine our features to find out what's beneath the surface.

Palm Reading | With the right palm reader, any insights can be gained about any area of life. Career. Marriage. Family. It's all in their hands. 

Best gifts for someone who needs positive vibes

What better way to spread the holiday cheer than literally sending someone some positivity. Boost their energy and the energy all around them with psychic healing.

Aura Reading | What color is your aura? Treat the art lover or graphic designer in your life to a colorful reading. 

Chakra Balancing | Know someone who's stuck? Get them moving with a chakra balancing session to heal and align their energy. 

Energy Cleansing | Clear the black cloud away from a loved one and help them remove negative energy with professional help. 

Best gifts for someone who loves tarot cards

Who doesn't love tarot cards? Inspiring, versatile, and beautiful. You can find tarot gifts for almost anyone you know.

Osho Zen | Know a mindful someone into meditation? Give them the gift of an Osho Zen tarot reading.

Oracle Cards | Unstructured and unique, oracle cards are perfect for anyone who marches to the beat of their own drummer.

Crowley Cards | Want to broaden the interests of a typical tarot user? Treat them to a reading with the intensely esoteric Crowley Thoth tarot card deck.

Best gifts for free-spirits & dreamers

Need some ideas for that super spiritual someone in your life? Help them gain a deeper insight into themselves and their subconscious in a new psychic way. 

Empath Reading | Empath readings are all about emotions. Excellent for someone in touch with their emotions or who needs emotional healing.

Crystal Ball Reading | A mysterious esoteric method, scrying crystal or gazing into other shiny surfaces unlocks secrets only the most skilled psychics can achieve. 

Dream Analysis | Get a dream journal and gift a professional dream analysis to go with it. Truly insightful sleep guaranteed!