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Best Gifts for Someone Who's Always Taking Selfies

Best Gifts for Someone Who's Always Taking Selfies

Anyone who loves to snap a photo will be right at home with picture-based readings. Take a pic of your drink, face, hands (or feet!) and upload it in the chat!

Wine Reading 

A tasseography reading takes many forms, like coffee, tea, or (our fave) wine! 

During a reading, you pour yourself a glass of wine, loose leaf tea or Turkish coffee. Then you focus on your question while you enjoy your drink. When there’s only a small amount left in the cup, snap a photo and upload it to your chat. 

Get this gift for someone who loves to crack open a bottle and has no problem finishing their glass. Treat someone to a tasseography reading like Psychic Zach or Umaye Love!

Face Reading 

Ever wonder what your face says about you? 

Want to know what the shape of your eyes, the size of your nose, or the position of your lips reveal about yourself?

Face reading is an ancient practice, also known as physiognomy. Experts can examine your face and discover deep insights into your past, present, future, and personality. 

Face reading is super easy on our platform. Take a photo of your face, connect with an advisor and upload your picture to the chat. 

Treat someone to a face reading with Psychic Adora, Psychic Erick D or Spiritual Nemi

Palm Reading

Past. Present. Future. It can all be found in the lines and shapes on your hand. 

Palm reading reveals incredible insights about your personality, your passions, interpersonal relationships, and what life has in store for you.

Treat someone to a palm reading with Aggayu or Shidou.

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