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Best Gifts for Someone Who Needs More Self-Love

Best Gifts for Someone Who Needs More Self-Love

Is there someone in your life who could use some self-care and self-compassion? Show them they’re worth it with a healing psychic session.

Distance Reiki 

Even at a distance, a trained Reiki healer can connect with a client’s energy field and imbue it with positivity and healing. 

Reiki distance healing provides all the benefits of an in-person session, making it the perfect choice for someone who needs healing on the go!

Treat someone to a Reiki healing session with Star Mystic, Psychic Caleb or Morgana Le Fay!

Shadow Self  

The universe is full of duality. Two opposing forces. Light and dark. Good and evil. Conscious and subconscious. 

Duality exists within all of us. There is a part of us everyone sees, and another part that we keep hidden, sometimes from ourselves. We call this the shadow self.

To truly understand yourself, you need to explore your dark parts and create harmony between the two sides of yourself. 

Treat someone to explore their shadow self with Phoenix Wind or Amanda

Crystal Healing 

No matter what your intention is, there’s a crystal to complement your goals

If you’re focused on self-care, you may want to try using:

  • Rose Quartz - Opens you up to loving yourself and others
  • Green Apatite - Eases feelings of insecurity and inferiority
  • Carnelian - Encourages creativity and helps you break through blocks
  • Amethyst - Relieves stress, fear and anger 
  • Citrine - Promotes feelings of self-worth
  • Tiger’s Eye - Supports courage and willpower 

Know a crystal lover? Get them the best crystals for self-care and treat someone to a crystal healing session with Tamz or Psychic Shannon!

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