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Best Gifts for Someone Who Needs Positive Vibes

Best Gifts for Someone Who Needs Positive Vibes

What better way to spread the holiday cheer than literally sending someone some positivity? Boost their energy and the energy all around them with psychic healing.

Aura Reading 

Every aura has a color. It can be a rainbow of colors but usually one stands out. The meaning of each color can change depending on the exact shade and it takes an experienced aura reader to interpret the precise meaning. 

Aura reading is easy on our platform, where users can snap a photo and upload it to the chat.  

Treat someone to an aura reading with Lejla Kristal or Spiritual Sabrina!

Chakra Balancing 

What weighs you down and holds you back from reaching your dreams? Fear? Uncertainty? Anxiety? Do you feel overcome with anger, jealousy, or stress? 

Have you tried to meditate, eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise, yet you still feel like wellness is a world away? Time to try chakra balancing. 

Know someone who's stuck? Treat them to a chakra balancing with Juliet Xander, Tabitha, or Psychic Fiona!

Energy Cleansing 

Your environment is essential when it comes to improving your well-being.

The space you live in has a huge impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Negative energy from yourself, the people you live with, or past occupants can hang around and bring you down. 

Want to clear the black cloud away from a loved one and help them remove negative energy? Treat them to energy cleansing today with Lucas or Tristan!

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