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Best Gifts for the Modern Esoteric

Best Gifts for the Modern Esoteric

Is there someone in your life who lives for their psychic readings? Do they consider themselves super insightful or even psychic themselves? Treat them to some deeply esoteric healing.


Meaning “clear seeing”, clairvoyance is the ability to see people, places, and things despite the distance in space or time. 

Not every psychic has the ability to see. Some may receive information by hearing (clairaudience), smelling (clairscent), feeling (clairsentience), touching (clairtangency) and tasting (clairgustance).

Give your favorite esoteric enthusiast the gift of clear insight. Treat someone to a clairvoyant reading with Magic Gem or Mystic Mary!

Candle Magic 

If you want to add some spellwork into your self-care routine, candle magic is the place to start. 

Candle magic can support any intention you have in mind! Usually, the color of the candle is an important part of the spell. Pink is best for self-care, but yellow (joy, abundance) and orange (confidence) are great options too! Let an experienced professional guide you through the right candle spell for you.

Treat someone to a candle-burning ritual today with Advisor Marc or Visions by Alexis

Automatic Writing 

Messages from your subconscious or the spirit world? Either way, automatic writing can reveal incredible insights and open the door to healing. 

During an automatic writing session, a psychic puts pen to paper and lets the writing happen automatically as if guided by an invisible force. Those messages may be pulled from the spirit realm, angel guides, or the subconscious of the reader or client. 

There’s something truly special about an automatic writing session, making it ideal for a truly special someone. Treat someone to an automatic writing session today with September or Wonder Woman.