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Unconscious Connections: How Lucid Dreaming Works

Unconscious Connections: How Lucid Dreaming Works

What do you dream about?

Dreams reveal our unconscious mind. They can hint at our deepest desires and greatest wishes. Sigmund Freud believed dreams are full of important information that we should analyze. 

Experts have linked common dreams to certain themes in our lives. Dreaming about falling? It may suggest you're feeling out of control, struggling with your self-confidence, or fear letting go. Dreaming about being chased? It can mean you're insecure or trying to avoid something in your life. Dreaming about flying? It indicates ambition or a desire for freedom.

Dreams are highly personal. We can use dream dictionaries but there's nothing quite like a conversation with a dream specialist. They can interpret and help you understand your unconscious thoughts, beliefs, and preconceptions.

What can a dream reading reveal?

A skilled dream interpreter uses the imagery from your dreams to gain insight into who you are, what challenges you may face, how you can cope better, and how to bring more positivity into your life.

Do you have a dream journal? If you're planning on a reading with a dream analyst, start keeping track of your dreams. Keep your journal nearby and write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up. After a few weeks of tracking your dreams, you may start to see repeating imagery. These are the dreams you'll want to discuss with your dream specialist. This is your unconscious mind trying to send you a message.

Taking control of your dreams

Ready to take dreaming to another level? Lucid dreaming can help you dream whatever you desire. It's not easy to learn, but you can train your brain to keep your conscious mind aware and in control when you're dreaming. 

Lucid dreaming requires the sleeper to be very in touch with their unconscious mind. Capture every detail you can in your dream journal. To do that, start meditating on your dreams when you wake up. You can also try the "go back to sleep" trick: wake up, record your dream, and try to fall back asleep immediately. Focus on continuing your dream from the same point it got interrupted.

For reality testing, ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” several times a day. Sounds strange, but this will train your brain to repeat such checks while dreaming.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a lucid dream that you don't want to be in. Focus on blinking to tell your brain that it's time to wake up or call out for help. Skilled lucid dreams are able to go to sleep in their dreams to wake themselves up in real life. 

Getting started on your dream journey

Do you have a recurring dream you want to understand? Curious about the insights your unconscious mind may reveal? Start a call or a chat with a top-rated dream interpreter to see your life and yourself from a new, enlightened perspective.