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8 Common Dreams and What They Mean

8 Common Dreams and What They Mean

Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to figure out what dreams mean. Ancient cultures believed our dreams to be a form of supernatural communication. Sigmund Freud later suggested that dreams were messages from our own subconscious. Many believe dreams to a be a little bit of both. While they may uncover our hidden emotion, desires, and traits, some dreams may also foretell what lies ahead.

Whatever you believe, dream interpretation can help us see ourselves in our truest forms. Analyzing our dreams allows us a deeper understanding of who we are and how we can overcome any obstacles in our way. Are you trying to make sense of your dreams? Here are some of the most common dreams and what they mean:


“I keep dreaming that I’m in a car crash. I’m behind the wheel but I lose control and veer off the road. The dream is so vivid I’m starting to get nervous about driving.”

If you’re plagued by dreams of a car accident, it might be wise to stay off the roads for a couple of days. Dreaming of an accident can be a warning so it’s best to avoid whatever causes the accident in the dream, whether it’s a car, airplane, kitchen knife, etc. An accident on land can also represent problems in business, whereas an accident on the water suggests problems in love.

However, dreaming of an accident doesn’t necessarily mean it’s forecasting what’s to come. Sometimes a dream like this reveals your subconscious fears and anxieties. Are speeding in your dream? It might be your subconscious telling you to slow down.


“I have a recurring nightmare that I’m being chased through my neighborhood by a hooded figure. I can’t see who it is and I always wake up just as he’s about to catch me.”

Dreaming of being chased represents insecurity. You’re afraid of failing or someone finding out that you’ve messed up. To cope with this fear, you’re attempting to escape what causes you stress, be it responsibility, emotions, or painful memories.

If you dream you’re being chased by shadows, that can suggest a repressed event, like a childhood trauma, could be culprit. To be chased by an animal suggests you haven’t come to terms with your passion in life.

Native American folklore recommends facing your pursuer. Standing up to them and revealing who they are can help you realize that your fears aren’t as bad as they seem.


“I dreamed that I opened the door to a room but when I stepped inside there was no floor, just a bottomless pit. I kept falling and falling.”

Falling may suggest a lack of self-confidence, the loss of self-control and the fear of failing or letting go. It’s a common dream among busy professionals and workaholics, especially during period of isolation, insecurity and uncertainty.

It can represent a lack of confidence in your abilities, an unfulfilled need for support or recognition, or the fear that our friends and colleagues may reject us. To dream of falling suggests that you might need to let go more often and enjoy life.


“I dreamed I could fly. I was just soaring effortlessly in the sky. It was amazing.”

Long ago, if you dreamed of flying, it was believed that you left your physical body and traveled to other dimensions and planes. More commonly, it refers to ambition and liberation.

To fly successfully and with ease means you’ll reach your goals without much difficulty. To fail at flying can mean that you’re overly ambitious and may want to adjust your expectations.

Dreaming about flying can also indicate that you’re unhappy and feeling out of control. Or it can mean that you’re seeking freedom and liberation from something that’s bothering you, even self-imposed limitations.


“In my dream, I was at the grocery store, pushing my cart along when I look down and realizedI was naked. It was terrifying.”

Public embarrassment reveals our subconscious feelings of guilt and inferiority. These dreams can expose insecurities and vulnerabilities. Dreaming of shame may indicate a fear of revealing your true feelings or being yourself in a relationship. Nudity can also represent a longing for the innocence of childhood. You’re stripped of all pretense and facades and long to truly be who you are.

In some cultures, a dream of nudity is good fortune and can even foretell a financial windfall. However, others say that a woman who dreams of being naked is going to face a scandal.


“I’m in my 40’s but I dreamed I was back in my high school, in the middle of class, but I didn’t know what the lesson was.”

Dreaming that you’re back in school has a number of interpretations. It can mean childhood insecurities are still unresolved or you’re seeking to recapture youthful freedom and happiness. You may also dream about school if you’re struggling with an authority figure, trying to learn something, or feel inadequate. Dreaming of primary school means you’ll need to make some changes, whereas dreaming of high school means there will be many options before you.

Forgetting your school lessons suggest a setback in business may be coming.

  1. TEETH

“In my dream, I was looking in the mirror at a loose tooth. I pulled it and it came out. Then all my teeth started falling out.”

Are you at a transitional time in life? Are you passing from one phase to another? That’s often when a dream about losing teeth occurs.

It represents insecurity, uncertainty and self-consciousness. All feelings commonly experienced around the time we naturally start losing our teeth at kids. Even if you’re not feeling stressed about life changes, dreaming about losing your teeth can sometimes just signal awareness of a transition in life phases.

Some people think a dream of losing teeth is a good thing and represents prosperity. Others, however, don’t view is so kindly. Lose one tooth and you fear the loss of a loved one. Lose them all and you’re likely full of worry.


“I’m dreamed I was in a big field, treasure map in hand, and a big X before me. I started digging but woke up before I found anything.”

Dreaming about the discovery of money or treasure can mean a lot of different things. Often, it symbolizes discovery, whether that’s rediscovering yourself, uncovering overlooked opportunities, or finding something we’ve lost.

Digging for treasure suggests that your health will improve. If you find the treasure, expect prosperity, especially if it’s gold. Finding money means improvements are on the way at work or in a relationship.

We don’t exactly why we dream. Despite centuries of exploration and research, no one has been able to fully uncover the purpose of our dreams. Dreams can be comforting and exciting, but they can also be terrifying and baffling. Our dreams are full of symbols left open to interpretation. By exploring the symbols in your dreams, you can find out more about yourself and your path ahead. If you’re not sure what to make of your dreams, consult a spiritual advisor and let an expert guide the way.