Dream Analysis 377 Advisors

Dreams bridge the gap between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. During the waking hours, we control the majority of our thoughts, forcing our mind to focus in the tasks in front of us and suppressing thoughts that are confusing or frightening. But, when sleep takes over, the conscious mind slips into the background and rests while the unconscious becomes dominant.

During this time of rest and subconscious thought, the mind begins to process the hidden ideas, memories and thoughts that never come to the surface during the waking hours. By turning these thoughts into dreams, the subconscious attempts to turn those thoughts into a form that the conscious mind will accept.

How does dream analysis work?

Unfortunately, the messages that the unconscious mind sends in the form of dreams are not always clear and precise. The true meaning is often cloaked in layers of complex symbols. To interpret these symbols and hidden meanings into something that the conscious mind can comprehend and act on you must understand the unique language of the soul.

A dream analyst or interrupter asks as your guide through the landscape of dreams. When working with a dream professional you will describe the dream with as many details as you can remember. You will talk about the things you saw and heard during the dream. Just as importantly, you will talk about how the experience of dream made you feel.

Because dreams and the way you experience them are individual occurrences, there is no strict rules for their interpretation. Instead, a dream analyst will combine the symbols contained within the dream with your unique set of life circumstances to bring the true meaning to the surface.

Benefits of dream analysis

Understanding your dreams grants you greater control over your life. By understanding the messages that your unconscious mind is trying to send you, you can gain clarity of the struggles and confusion you face in your daily life. You may also realize the desire that your conscious mind has yet to admit as well as the fears that are holding you back. This new clarity allows you to make decisions and take action to improve your life.