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What does it mean when you dream about someone? Or someplace? Or something totally random like your teeth falling out, flying in the clouds, or being chased by a monster?

A dream dictionary is as big as a regular dictionary for a reason. When we sleep, our mind can conjure up some incredible, mystifying, and terrifying things. Dream interpretation helps us make sense of those subconscious messages. Do you wonder what your dreams are telling you? Only a psychic dream reading can tell!

What are dreams?

Do dreams reveal divine messages?

Can the departed contact us in dreams?

Are dreams portents of the future?

Can the soul travel while we dream?

That’s what ancient cultures all around the world believed.

Mesopotamian kings. Egyptian pharaohs. Greek emperors. Indigenous chiefs. They all looked to their dreams for guidance and often consulted with a dream reader like a psychic or shaman. This practice of using dreams as divination is known as oneiromancy.

Whether you view dreams from a spiritual or scientific perspective, the mystery of mind messages remains: we don’t really know why we dream.

What is dream analysis?

Call it oneiromancy or dream interpretation, either way, there are important messages to be discovered if we dig deep into dream meaning. Dreams can be prophetic, even if the prediction comes from your subconscious side.

Dreams can lead you to discover things about yourself you didn’t know:

Untapped talents

Secret fears

Unconscious beliefs

Unrealized truths

Lost memories

Hidden desires

Paying close attention to your dreams can reveal some incredible things. Dreams sparked creativity for Mary Shelley in the creation of “Frankenstein”, and for Paul McCartney in writing the Beatles’ song “Yesterday”. Dreams led to the invention of the sewing machine, as well as a Nobel Prize in Medicine for Dr. Loewi and his discovery about nerve communication.

A brief history of dream analysis

If dreams mystify us in modern times, they must have truly baffled primitive humans. Dreams can be wonderfully bizarre, strangely surreal, and truly terrifying.

Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to understand the hidden meanings in dreams. Ancient cultures believed dreams were a form of supernatural communication. Famed neurologist Sigmund Freud later suggested that dreams were messages from our own subconscious.

Perhaps it’s a bit of both?

A dream may uncover our hidden emotions, desires, and traits, but some dreams may also foretell what lies ahead.

Guided by dreams

In ancient Greece and Rome, dreams were an important part of society and cultural identity. The Greeks built Asclepieions, temples for physical and spiritual healing. During incubado, or ‘temple sleep’, divine messages would offer a cure or a priest would interpret them to find a remedy. In Roman times, oneiromancy was used to guide military leaders and healers.

Biblical warnings

In biblical times, dreams offered protection, as in Matthew 2:12, “And being warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they departed to their own country by another way.” There is evidence from the early Christian writers, such as St. Augustine (354 AD-430 AD), that dream symbolism took on a more demonic appearance, with nocturnal seductions by incubi to men (and by succubi to women).

Modern dream analysis

Eventually, laws of science and reasoning replaced superstition and religion. Sigmund Freud’s theories of dream interpretation emerged in the late 19th century. The theory in scientific circles at the time was that dreams were a reaction to internal physiological sensations or external stimuli. Freud believed that dreams reflected our greatest wishes.

“The ancient belief that dreams reveal the future is not indeed entirely devoid of the truth. By representing a wish as fulfilled, the dream certainly leads us into the future; but this future, which the dreamer accepts as his present, has been shaped in the likeness of the past by the indestructible wish.” - Sigmund Freud

From The Origins of Dream Analysis by Free Spirit

What to expect from a psychic dream interpretation reading

Are dreams divine messages? Do they reveal soul secrets or unconscious truths? Are dreams a coping mechanism or an expression of suppressed emotion?

No matter what you believe about dreams, they’re full of intriguing insights. Need help deciphering dreams?

An experienced dream reader can help you make sense of even the most complex dream. It starts by getting to know who you are and what your dreams are like. Everyone dreams differently. Share as much as you can with your advisor about past dreams, current dreams, recurring images, sounds, smells, colors, symbols, and so on. It also helps to tell them about yourself, where you’re at in life, your relationships, your fears, your stresses, and more.

It all helps the dream reader understand what your dreams mean in the context of your life. With the right dream interpreter, you can:

achieve a better mind/body balance

get rid of recurring nightmares

conquer fears and phobias

have more vivid and lucid dreams

understand relationships with past loves, past lives, and deceased loved ones

find love and professional success

Dream journaling

If you're planning a session with a dream reader, start keeping track of your dreams. Keep your journal nearby and write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up. After a few weeks of tracking your dreams, you may start to see repeating imagery. These are the dreams you'll want to discuss with your dream specialist. This is your unconscious mind trying to send you a message.

Lucid dreaming

Ready to take dreaming to another level? Lucid dreaming can help you dream whatever you desire. It's not easy to learn, but you can train your brain to keep your conscious mind aware and in control when you're dreaming. 

Lucid dreaming requires the sleeper to be very in touch with their unconscious mind. Capture every detail you can in your dream journal. To do that, start meditating on your dreams when you wake up. You can also try the "go back to sleep" trick: wake up, record your dream, and try to fall back asleep immediately. Focus on continuing your dream from the same point it got interrupted.

For reality testing, ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” several times a day. Sounds strange, but this will train your brain to repeat such checks while dreaming.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a lucid dream that you don't want to be in. Focus on blinking to tell your brain that it's time to wake up or call out for help. Skilled lucid dreams are able to go to sleep in their dreams to wake themselves up in real life.

Can you interpret my dream?

Are you ready for your psychic dream interpretation reading? Login to your account and treat yourself to a session that runs soul deep.

Your dreams may reveal the honest truth you need to hear. What do you want in life? What’s your greatest passion? Who do you really love? All the answers are already inside your mind. A dream reader can let them out and show you how to move toward your ideal future.

We recommend you set aside at least 30 minutes for a satisfying dream reading, but tell your advisor how much time you have so they can help you better.

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