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The spiritual meaning of cats

The spiritual meaning of cats

Are cats psychic? Are they somehow connected to the spirit world? Can cats be used as spirit guardians?

We know there’s definitely something magical and mystical about cats. Cats have been an essential part of human life for thousands of years and play a significant role in many spiritual traditions. 

In ancient times, cats were held in high esteem for their ability to keep pests away. In return for their hunting prowess, cats were well-treated and much-loved. It’s not uncommon for archaeologists to find ancient mummies with their cats by their side. 

What is the spiritual meaning of cats?

Cats are found practically everywhere in the world. That means every culture has its own unique mythology, history, and symbolism surrounding cats. In ancient Rome, cats were associated with Diana, goddess of the moon. In Norse mythology, cats pulled the magical chariot ridden by Freyja, goddess of fertility. Celtic lore connects cats to Cerridwen, goddess of knowledge and magic. 

Three statues of the goddess Bast. One of the statues has "Egypt" written on it.


The Egyptian warrior goddess Bast was a brave protector and often depicted as a lioness. As an appreciation for domestic cats grew in Ancient Egypt (they kept away disease-ridden pests) the revered Bast became associated with the noble cat. Cats were then worshipped as representations of Bast. 

In Chinese myth, cats were originally chosen to run the world, not people. They were even given the power of speech. Yet, the cats soon realized they much preferred to enjoy life’s pleasures than take charge. Led by Li Shou, the cat goddess, they suggested humans for the job, handing the ability to talk over to us.

Cute red cat asleep curled up in a ball.

Spiritual meaning of cats in dreams

Do you keep dreaming about cats? If a cat appears in your dreams, it typically refers to:

  • Sensuality & femininity: Connect with your feminine side. Do what makes you feel good.
  • Intuition: Listen closely to the voice inside. Try meditating, spending time in nature, or getting a psychic reading.
  • Independence: Explore your curiosity. Seek out freedom and adventure.

What color is the cat in your dream? 

A black cat means protection or spirituality. Your energy needs protection or you’re already being protected by a positive force.

An orange cat can mean change or fertility. You may undergo a transformation or prosper in some way.

A white cat refers to your psychic abilities. Practice expanding your intuition.

Grey cats foretell peace and love. Things are in harmony for you right now.

The tuxedo cat spiritual meaning is about happiness and joy. Lean into fun and play.

A cute black cat.

What is the spiritual meaning of a black cat crossing your path?

A connection to witchcraft has earned black cats an evil reputation, particularly in Christianity, which then turned into the superstition about a black cat crossing your path and bringing bad luck.

Yet, black cats and witchcraft are often misunderstood. There are many cultures that regard black cats as symbols of protection. They’re considered the oldest and most powerful type of cat with the ability to ward off evil and keep your psychic energy safe. Many sailors consider a black cat on a ship to be good luck.

The red cat looks into the distance. His fur glistens in the sun.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing cats?

Are you seeing cats pop up all around you? Do cats follow you everywhere you go? It could mean the cat is your spirit animal. Consider yourself lucky and possibly psychic. 

Cats are very particular about who they like and who they help. Cats are usually attracted to people with psychic abilities, perhaps those who need the confidence to explore those skills. 

Do cats protect you spiritually? 

Cats act as spiritual guardians. They are protectors and natural healers. Cats are also connected to the spirit world. They can act as guides between dimensions and see things beyond everyday reality. 

Does your cat stare at something in the room that you can’t see? Do they refuse to enter certain areas of your home or stay away from certain people? Pay attention. Cats can sense spirits, ghosts, and angels. Their energetic abilities make them excellent judges of people. 

The little kitten is being stroked by a woman´s hand. He is glad

How to spiritually connect with your cat

Cats have a spiritual connection with the moon so their intuitive abilities are heightened on a full moon. During the next full moon, try to connect with your cat by:

  • Meditating while petting them
  • Looking them in the eye and blinking when they do
  • Observing them
  • Talking to them
  • Playing with them
  • Drawing their picture
  • Getting a psychic pet reading

Cat superstitions from around the world

As we mentioned, cats are found almost everywhere you go. That's why there are so many myths and legends about our feline friends. Check out these cat superstitions from around the world.

Cat superstitions from around the world. China: golden cats are a sign of fortune. Red cats are a sign of good health. England: a cat clawing at the curtain predicts windy weather. France: it´s bad luck to cross a stream if you are carrying a cat. India: It´s good luck to see a cat on your left when heading out on a journey. Indinesia: pour water on a cat´s back and a storm will come. Italy: a cat sneeze means money is coming your way. Japan: when a cat washes its face with its paws, visitors are on the way. Unites States: a white cat on the road is lucky during the day and unlucky at night.