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The Spiritual Meaning Behind Your Cat's Fur Color

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Your Cat's Fur Color

Are you a cat person? Maybe you chose your feline friend for their sweet disposition, soft purr, or cute little face. Or maybe you picked this cat because of the beautiful color, shade, or pattern of their fur. While cat colorations are mostly the work of feline genetics, many believe there is a spiritual meaning behind the hues of a cat's coat.

Cats have unique personalities but, to most animal lovers, they’re all quite alike. However, for those who like to discover the spiritual meanings in the world around us, a cat’s color can influence fortune, health, luck, and security.

The purr-fect companions

Throughout world history, different cultures have perceived cats as messengers and protectors. Cats are natural, fearless guardians, in real life and in the spiritual world. Ancient Egyptians have always considered them to be the protectors of the mortal realm from the armies of Anubis, the dog-like, jackal god of the underworld. They also helped to protect food stores from disease-carrying rodents.

If you are in the process of welcoming a new feline family member into your home or are in the process of adopting a new cat, here are the positive effects and energies your new cat may be bringing into your home, based on its colorations:

Black coat

Popular superstition has given black cats a bad wrap. They’re not unlucky harbingers of death on misfortune. On the contrary, their presence in your home signifies increased protection or a heightened sense of security. In ancient Scottish and British folklore, black cats also brought good fortune and safety to travelers, especially sailors.

You may want to welcome a black cat into your home if you feel unsafe from certain people in your life, or if you seek more security and stability in your health and finances. If you find yourself attracted to the idea of adopting a black cat, you may be seeking a spiritual protector that can fend off insecurities and self-doubt. Don’t hesitate to find a brave companion in a black cat. 

Tuxedo or Bicolor Coat

When the dress code calls for a tuxedo, we expect a classy event. We expect everyone in attendance to be on their best behavior, acting as polite and mature as possible. Considering this, it’s best not to invite a tuxedo cat to your formal event.

Their energy is far from reserved and stuffy. Tuxedos or bicolor cats have a spiritual aura that encourages childlike joy and happiness. Expect fun and play when one of these cats comes to your home.

White Coat

If life is hectic and your home needs a calming influence, consider a white cat. White is the color of purity, cleanliness, and peace. White cats are able to attract that kind of energy better than any other. 

Red or Ginger Coat 

Red or ginger cats are very common for a good reason. Their hues are bright, warm, and inviting. If you feel instantly drawn to a ginger cat, it’s likely because their eye-catching coat simply exudes that feeling.

Ginger cats are associated with leadership, networking, great rapport, and strong relationship bonds. If your neighbors all have ginger cats and they seem to be getting along fine, the reason is pretty obvious: their ginger cats are attracting the aura of positive rapport and easygoing relationships.

Calico Coat

If you chance upon a calico cat, you may want to run to the nearest gas station for a scratch ticket. In Japan, the Maneki-Neko, a character that waves to fortune and pulls them in with his paw, has always been depicted to be a calico cat. Calico cats, like black and ginger cats, bring about financial fortune and good relationships.

Now, if you meet a male calico cat, you are truly lucky—spiritually and literally! Most calico cats are born female, and male calico cats are often the result of a genetic mutation. If you meet a fertile male calico cat, get two scratch tickets—they are extremely rare!

Show your feline family some love

It is important to note that while many believe cat coats bring with them some symbolic meaning, all cats are beautiful and should never be neglected, hurt, ignored at the shelter, or removed from a home just because their coats and patterns do not reflect the spiritual meaning you might be expecting. If anything, cat colorations have always attracted positive energies, never negative ones.

If there is one gift all cats are known to bring, regardless of their color and breed, it is the gift of true, selfless, unconditional love. Cats love to play and cuddle—they love pets and will often reciprocate their appreciation with soft purrs. Love your feline family, and they will love you back.

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