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A Beginner’s Guide to Clairvoyant Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Clairvoyant Reading

Ever wished you had a sixth sense that delivered otherworldly messages to your mind?

For a lot of psychics, clairvoyant abilities are both a blessing and a curse.

“Being clairvoyant is a challenge and a gift at the same time,” says Aurora, a psychic medium and intuitive life coach. “You really try and keep an element of surprise sometimes in your life, even if you feel something happening, because you want some spontaneity.”

Flashes of colors, pictures, and symbols have sent Aurora to the eye doctor a few times with no medical explanation. The seasoned professional has simply learned to control it.

“I really have to turn it off with family, if they know,” she says. “They love to [ask], what do you think will happen?” 

What does it mean to be clairvoyant?

Clairvoyance means "clear-seeing", a sight beyond usual vision.


Most of us interact with our world through the five senses: touch, taste, smell, sound, sight. People with psychic abilities are said to have a sixth sense. An extraordinary sense that allows them to interact with the universe in a way the rest of us can’t.

Clairvoyance is a psychic ability. It means “clear-seeing”. A clairvoyant receives psychic images that appear in their mind. These images may show them where their child is at any given moment, what their grandparents did long ago, or what may happen to a friend in the future.

What is it like to be clairvoyant?

A butterfly lands on a woman's hand.


For Robyn, a fourth-generation clairvoyant, her ability manifests in different ways. She gets glimpses of the future and sees things that haven’t happened yet. In a sleep state, she can receive messages from the spirit world.

“People from the other side are able to connect with me and give me messages,” says Robyn. “Sometimes they even tell me who the message is for without a friend or family member asking me about it. It can be sad, fun, and scary all at the same time.”

Every clairvoyant is unique. Some get random flashes of images or prophetic dreams. Others can tune into their ability like a TV channel. Some see auras and energy fields. Others see spirits and ghosts.

Types of clairvoyant abilities

Telesthesia: The most common type of clairvoyance, it’s the ability to see what is currently or recently happening elsewhere, even far away. Also known as remote viewing, long-distance vision, or astral travel.

  • Precognition: The ability to see future events and predict things that have not yet happened.
  • Retrocognition: The ability to see into the past.
  • Synesthesia: The ability to see energies around people and places.
  • X-ray clairvoyance: The ability to see through objects like walls and doors.

What is the difference between a medium and a clairvoyant?

A medium acts as a channel between the living and the spirit world. They are able to communicate with different types of spirits and entities, but often work with the spirits of people who have died. 

Some clairvoyants are able to work as mediums or receive messages from the spirit world, but not all mediums consider themselves to be clairvoyant. 

What is the difference between a psychic and a clairvoyant?

Sometimes the terms “psychic” and “clairvoyant” are used interchangeably but they’re not quite the same thing. Not every psychic has the ability to see.

A psychic is a person who has extrasensory perception. If that ESP is the ability to see things others can’t, we call them clairvoyant. However, there are other “clairs” besides clairvoyance:

  • Clairaudience (hearing)
  • Clairalience (smelling)
  • Clairsentience (sensing)
  • Clairtangency (touching)
  • Clairgustance (tasting)


How to know if you're clairvoyant

Want to find out if you are clairvoyant? Here are some signs of an innate clairvoyant ability:

You’re always lucky

You always win contests, raffles, and lotteries. You’ve got an uncanny knack for avoiding danger. You always find money and other valuables. It’s easy to label it all a coincidence, but ask yourself, is it luck or foresight?

Animals are weird around you

Your neighbor’s dog nervously avoids you. Is your cat always by your side? If pets act strange around you and unusually out of character, it’s because they can sense something. It makes some animals curious and others nervous

You like to close doors 

Are you always compelled to close the door when you’re in a room? If you don’t like being in rooms with open doors, you may have a subconscious need to protect your energy. 

You can influence others

You don’t mean to make people do what you want, but you find others highly cooperative with your suggestions. Be careful. A sign of the gift is unintentionally punishing others. You may find the punishment returned to you.

You’re an empath (and more)

Most empaths can sense the emotions of others and even take them on. For empathic clairvoyants, this can sense can even be physical. You don’t just feel someone's fear, you can literally feel their pain too.

You have psychic dreams

Do your dreams have a habit of coming true? Do you dream about people who’ve passed on? Do you always get that sense of deja vu? For many clairvoyants, dreams reveal intuition, thoughts, desires, and more.

How to unlock clairvoyant abilities

A person meditates sitting on a rug.


Everyone is born with intuition. Most clairvoyants are born with a gift beyond that. For some, it develops naturally. For others, it takes work to develop. For those born without any psychic abilities, it may still be possible to develop a sixth sense to a certain degree. 

Here are three key steps to help you become a clairvoyant:


Can the human brain "pick up" scraps of other people's thoughts? It could be the reason why we catch ourselves thinking some strange thoughts that randomly pop into our heads. To develop clairvoyant abilities, you must first gain power over your minds and maintain control over the thoughts that come into it. 


Need help concentrating and focusing? That’s where meditation can become your most powerful tool. Calm and center your mind. Train and direct your thinking. Relax and be at peace with your most inner self. Meditation takes regular practice. Practicing at the same time daily is even more effective.


Once you master mediation and concentration, you’ll be ready to open your mind to messages from the universe, the spirit world, or your own subconscious. It helps to manifest an image in your mind of an ideal place, like a quiet beach at sunrise or a spring meadow, and try to merge your conscious mind with that imagined spot.

How does a clairvoyant reading work?

Some clairvoyants use tools to help them focus, like a crystal ball.


The best clairvoyant reading online begins with an open mind and open heart. Set aside your skepticism and let down your emotional walls. Make it easy for the clairvoyant to see within you so they can give you the messages you truly need to hear.

Keep in mind, every clairvoyant is different and they all have their own unique abilities and styles. You might talk to a bunch of clairvoyants and each once may have something different to tell you.

When you connect with a clairvoyant on a platform like ours, it helps to be clear and honest about what you want from the reading. Let the advisor know what your expectations are so they can tell you if that’s something they can offer. 

For example, a clairvoyant with telesthesia may not be able to tell you if you’ll get married in a few years, but they might be able to give you insight into your current relationship status.

It’s always best to ask a clairvoyant open-ended questions instead of looking for a simple “yes” or “no” answer. And be prepared for harsh truths. A clairvoyant doesn’t choose what they see, so they may deliver the bad with the good.

Can you really get clairvoyant readings over the phone and online?

Yes! You can get in touch with Aurora, Robyn, and other professional clairvoyants through Zodiac Psychics platform. Login to your account on the website or download the Zodiac Touch app on iTunes or Google Play. Add funds to your account, find an online clairvoyant you want to talk to, and start a chat or call!