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Merry Amaze
Merry Amaze
Life Coaching
Merry Amaze


Everything in our life is filled with some meaningful things attached to it, Things happening around us even the smallest one of them, Even the minor if things have some cause attached to them and non of them happen without any Reason, Hello world My name is Merry Amaze and I’m a specialized psychologist in the field of psychology, I'm know for helping people find the real meanings of the events happening around them, I have got this knowledge from my Mother, She was a Psychologist and from day one she has trained me to listen to the people and solve their problems with the knowledge of psychology and Instincts, I have given many people the hope and light they need to survive the ongoing turmoil of their life, The events we face in our life are connected with one and other, You just can not move to the next step, without placing the last one right, That is why, I analyse the events of past and study the present to show you the right way for your future, i take your problems as my own and address them with full dignity, I do not judge people but solve their problems to take their headache away from them and provide them the peace that they need, I have the expertise to take on matter of every type, finance issues, Career consultation, Love situation, Any disturbing dream or anything, I will help you in every possible situation with my expertise. I do not play around with the feelings of people and go round and round the question to waste their time and money but give them a truthful point to point reading that can help them find a solution, You are just a Chat/Call away to get some light shed on your future events that are about to unfold.


I have been working in this field from past 13 years and with each passing Day I am adding more and more to my work so I can help more and more around me, Because I feel this as a way to please GOD, I have a Firm knowledge and a experience of dealing with the spirits and energies, plus I do have the strong control over the study of chakras that help me seeing into the matters deeply and finding the right solution of every problem, I have been helping people in matters of every kind, I have given them authentic Advices in Love, Career, Travel, Dream and other issues, I have had helped many couples solve their problems in their relations and have also helped many people by telling them the things they need to do to solve their pregnancy issues, Plus with this I have had given people the relaxation of mind that they needed by taking away their Dreams that were causing some nuisance for them, I Can help you solve your love matters, I will help you clear the doubts about the partner you have in your life through the placement of stars, I can be your mentor and guide you toward the Right path by the help of my knowledge and your energies ,Connect with me to find a less challenging path for your life




Dec 14, 2021
thank you 🙏🏼
Dec 14, 2021
thank you
kayla clarke
Dec 13, 2021
Dec 12, 2021
I ran. out of time but thank you so much very encouraged ❤❤❤
Dec 12, 2021
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