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Inner Pearls
Inner Pearls
Soulmates & Twin Flames
Inner Pearls


Welcome to this safe space where you can freely share your questions without judgment!


My approach is therapeutic yet direct. I am here to affirm your decision-making and empower you by revealing hidden truths and blind spots in your life. 

I offer tarot readings that cover a wide range of life topics, including: general life questions, angel numbers, monthly and weekly forecasts, daily guidance, love and relationships, career and work, financial guidance, family and friends, dream interpretation, energy protection, unique messages from the universe, manifestation support, obstacles hindering your progress, and health matters.

I especially enjoy reading for witches, magic practitioners, lightworkers, creatives, entrepreneurs, writers, and spiritual seekers on the path of ascension.


After each reading, I will send you follow-up messages containing additional oracle guidance to further support your spiritual journey, as well as helpful reminders, astrological insights, and affirmations tailored to you.

In order for me to serve you best, please provide as much specificity as possible in your question. Include birthdates, names of persons of interest, your relationship status, work status, and other relevant details.


With over 3 years of experience as an intuitive tarot reader, I leverage my psychic abilities along with my diverse professional background in nursing, dentistry, customer success, business, and technology companies to offer holistic guidance. Gifted with clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, I serve as a healer, spiritual coach, and intuitive guide. Having survived several near-fatal car accidents and near-drownings, I gained a deeper spiritual awareness and was able to channel my gifts as a conduit.





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