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How to Make Your Next Tarot Card Reading the Best Ever

How to Make Your Next Tarot Card Reading the Best Ever

Curious about a tarot reading?

Whether it’s your first time delving into the cards or you’re looking to deepen your regular ritual, we’ve gathered all the info you need to make your tarot session super insightful.

We talked tarot basics with MorticiaTarot, an advisor on the Zodiac Psychics platform. Born with a natural affinity for card reading, Morticia honed her abilities under the guidance of her grandmother, a white witch. She started doing readings for others in her teens and has been working with Zodiac Psychics since 2019.


Tarot cards are the most common form of cartomancy, the practice of using cards to gain insight into the past, present or future. All tarot readings are card readings but not all card readings are tarot. Popular tarot decks include Rider-Waite, Thoth and Osho Zen. Other types of cards frequently used in readings include Lenormand, Kipper, Skat, angel cards, and oracle cards.

Morticia has a special connection to her deck. As a teenager, Morticia inherited her grandmother’s deck of Hanson-Roberts cards. Since then, she’s spent years learning the cards and their meanings.

“When I am fully connected with them,” says Morticia. “I can feel these cards speaking to me as if my grandmother is here in person.” 


With any card reading, the deck is laid out in a specific pattern called the spread. The advisor chooses the spread based on the question asked. Many of Morticia’s clients come seeking love advice, so here’s a common three-card spread she uses.

Let’s say a client comes to Morticia asking if her boyfriend is going to propose. It’ll help if the client shares both dates of birth with Morticia right from the start. Then, Morticia focuses on this information while she shuffles her deck and lays out the three cards she feels drawn to.

Each card has its own meaning but interpretation can change depending on its position in the spread. Morticia flips card 1 and card 3 first. These tell her whether the outcome of the question is positive or negative. Card 2, which Morticia refers to as the most important, will tell her if her interpretations of card 1 and card 3 are correct. It also sheds light on timing.

Based on this spread, Morticia can determine if the boyfriend will propose and what time of year the client can expert this exciting event to occur.


Love readings are just a small part of the services a card reader may offer. Morticia, for instance, does daily, weekly and monthly spreads too. Get a 1-card reading for a general interpretation of the day ahead. See your week at-a-glance with a 7-day card spread. Or gain insight with a monthly reading—one of Morticia’s favorites.

“I use a 5-card spread and combine their meanings together to see whether it will be a positive month or a negative one,” she says.

In either case, Morticia highlights where opportunities lie ahead and where problems can be avoided.


Tarot cards can help when you’re facing a difficult decision and want to see your options, or if you need direction or life advice. Most card readers will tell you that open-ended questions are best. Ask questions that start with ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘why’, and ‘when’.

Try questions like:

❔ What are his true feelings for me?

❔ What’s my career calling?

❔ What was the root cause of our breakup?

❔ How can I improve my financial situation?

❔ What’s the best step for me to take now?

❔ How can I strengthen our marriage?


That’s ok. Morticia’s daily, weekly and monthly readings don’t require a question. If you’re not sure what to ask, just tell your reader more about yourself and your current situation and find out what the cards want you to know.


No matter what questions you’re asking, it helps to be honest and detailed with your card reader. Morticia says being open about your situation will put your mind at ease and ensure a better reading, even if the subject matter is personal and delicate.

“I am helper,” says Morticia. “Not a judge.”