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Welcome to my page here. I am MorticiaTarot and I am here to bring you news all around. I am a born Tarot reader and started in high school at the age of 15. I enjoyed giving people readings whether it is good or bad. Many people have asked me for readings about their love life to what their future will hold after high school. I have watched my grandmother over the years of doing her Tarot readings and in return, decided to teach me everything she knows and send wisdom my way. Every reading I have done from high school to where I am today has shown me that I am capable of proving each day that things will always get better when time is healing your wounds.


My experiences as a Tarot reader has been fantastic. I enjoy working with people and explaining every card that comes their way. Some may say the reading is positive. Some say it was negative, but as for the reader, I see the cards the way they explain themselves. Yes, it is always hard to see some people looking for positive outcomes but does not receive it. I don't let my emotions get to me as the cards are there to share their wisdom with those who seek it. It has been like this for nearly 10 years now and when it all started at the age of 15, I enjoyed every reading and every reaction. It is what makes my day or night a relaxing one.




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Jun 3, 2024
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