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Your 2023 affirmation, by zodiac sign

Your 2023 affirmation, by zodiac sign

The most important thing you need to hear in 2023, is what you tell yourself.

Whatever the new year has in store for you, positive self-talk matters. Affirmations help you stay connected to your inner strength. They remind you that you’re capable, lovable, and worthy of all the wonderful things the world has to offer.

We’ve looked at the planetary movements over the next 12 months to see what lies ahead for your zodiac sign. Along with it, an affirmation to keep you grounded, strong, and prepared for anything that comes your way.

Aries | March 21–April 19

WHAT TO EXPECT: recognition for your hard work; major life changes (good and bad).

ARIES 2023 AFFIRMATION: I am confident in my ability to face whatever comes my way. 

Taurus | April 20–May 20

WHAT TO EXPECT: the courage to free yourself from toxic people; career perseverance paying off.

TAURUS 2023 AFFIRMATION: I will surround myself with people who support my career goals.

Gemini | May 21–June 21

WHAT TO EXPECT: hard work with excellent results; the drive to reach your goals.

GEMINI 2023 AFFIRMATION: I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Cancer | June 22–July 22

WHAT TO EXPECT: the need to reevaluate some relationships; challenges with stress. 

CANCER 2023 AFFIRMATION: I am worthy of love from others and from myself.

Leo | July 23–August 22

WHAT TO EXPECT: a deep relationship connection; negative feelings and anger.

LEO 2023 AFFIRMATION: I leave my past behind me and open my heart to love.

Virgo | August 23–September 22

WHAT TO EXPECT: slow progress that requires patience; the unwelcome return of someone from the past.

VIRGO 2023 AFFIRMATION: I am worth the effort. 

Libra | September 23–October 23

WHAT TO EXPECT: relationship drama (romantic and platonic); the need for self-reflection and patience.

LIBRA 2023 AFFIRMATION: I am a calm and compassionate support for my loved ones. 

Scorpio | October 24–November 21

WHAT TO EXPECT: the need to build a real connection; prosperity and real estate success.

SCORPIO 2023 AFFIRMATION: I attract abundance in love and life.

Sagittarius | November 22–December 21

WHAT TO EXPECT: reconnection and reflection; a knack for communicating with others and working through conflict.

SAGITTARIUS 2023 AFFIRMATION: I am proud of the person I am becoming.

Capricorn | December 22–January 19

WHAT TO EXPECT: the walls around your heart may crumble; you find more beauty and balance in your life.

CAPRICORN 2023 AFFIRMATION: It’s OK to be vulnerable.

Aquarius | January 20–February 18

WHAT TO EXPECT: an almost ruthless sense of ambition; finding joy in balance.

AQUARIUS 2023 AFFIRMATION: I can achieve my goals without letting them consume me.

Pisces | February 19–March 20

WHAT TO EXPECT: the confidence to express yourself; a lack of energy. 

PISCES 2023 AFFIRMATION: I am compassionate and patient with myself.

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