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Why You Need a Spiritually Focused Life Coach in Your Corner

Why You Need a Spiritually Focused Life Coach in Your Corner

Do you ever feel like a crazed dog that can’t stop chasing its tail? Perhaps, despite your deepest yearnings and most committed intentions, you just can’t sustain the momentum to make a change that you’re itching to make or walk a path that you feel called to pursue? Sometimes, 90 percent of the problem is that we’re trying to push the 1,000-ton boulder uphill all alone. 

As wise Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Doesn’t it stand to reason that if authentic desire and passionate yearning were all it took to achieve your dream, it would have manifested decades ago? Whether it’s creating a fulfilling relationship with your true soulmate, or discovering the self-actualizing career you’ve always envisioned-it can be painfully humbling to admit that you can’t pull off your big dream without help.

But why should you expect that of yourself, anyway? CEOs, actors, musicians, and athletes all know that they need a partner—or even a team of trained professionals-to provide objective support and feedback in order to achieve victorious success. This is essential for keeping them on track as they constantly improve in their craft or sport. This extra edge that a coach, teacher, advisor, or mentor provides makes all the difference in achieving personally meaningful goals.

Life coaches help narrow the gap

. . . between where you are now and where you want to be. They help you dig yourself out of a rut by using the synergistic energy in your relationship to create forward-moving momentum. Coaches kindle your enthusiasm for living and creating. Many people find that life's pieces start to fall into place very quickly after making the commitment to work with a life coach. Their primary goal is to help you maximize your potential.

Life coaches help you bust through

. . . your limited beliefs and remove the blockages standing between you and your desires. They challenge you to think bigger, play bigger, and dream bigger. Life coaches help you tap into your full potential as an unlimited, self-actualizing, evolving being.

Life coaches hold a big-picture perspective

Thanks to their objective, detached overview and clear insight, you can trust a professional advisor to always have your best interests at heart. Because they’re trained professionals and not intimate friends or family members, you always get the truth from them. They know that this is their sole role in your life: to reflect the truth without fear of hurting you.

Life coaches hold you accountable

Regularly scheduled calls with your advisor make you much more effective because you’re dedicated to upholding your commitment to your agreed-upon goals or action plan. You know someone is tracking your progress and rooting for you, so that strengthens your own resolve to hang in there when the going gets tough. It fortifies your own will.

Life coaches are energy-efficient

When you’ve got someone who truly has your back, you enjoy greater productivity with less effort. You get more done in less time and with less emotional angst or confusion. The clear strategy you and your advisor implement draws a straight line from here to where you want to be. This helps you take more focused, effective actions, and it saves you a lot of wasted energy that’s often lost to struggle and indecision. Your coach helps you reach the next level with grace and ease.

Life coaches validate your own inner knowing

Your advisor holds up a clear mirror that reflects your own innate wisdom and nourishes your intuitive knowing about what’s right for you. Some use oracular tools such as dream analysis, tarot, or an astrological natal chart reading to really zero in on the many forces at play in your external situation and in your psyche. Advisors help you explore your soul’s code for this incarnation to help you break free from limitations and soar like the spirited being you are. You owe it to yourSelf to seek out this empowering partnership!

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