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Advice on tarot card reading from a tarot reader

Advice on tarot card reading from a tarot reader

Tarot cards have opened a doorway to the spiritual world since ancient times. 

There are some different ideas about the origin of the tarot cards. Some believe they came from Egypt; others say they were brought from Italy to Spain. 

Because of their mysterious origin, people developed various opinions about what they are, and it's often disputed.

Some people believe:

  • The tarot contains the lost knowledge of the Atlantis
  • Tarot is a card game
  • Tarot is a memory system for the Tree of Life
  • Tarot preserves the wisdom of Goddess-initiated witches and many others

I honestly believe that those who practice tarot card reading follow their own beliefs and develop the personal power of connection with this wonderful and magnificent tool.

There are three tarot cards on the table: judgement 20, chariot 7, the sun 19.

How to choose your tarot cards

The variety of tarot decks is so large that it can be complicated in the beginning to pick the right deck. I suggest starting with Rider Waite because they are easy to work with as all symbols have traditional meanings.

The 78 cards in a traditional tarot deck represent humankind and all possible human experience. The tarot deck is made up of 22 Major Arcana, 40 Minor Arcana, and 16 Court Cards. Minor Arcana has four suits: Wands, Cups, Pentacles, and Swords. 

Tarot card "the World".

Tarot colors & symbols

Symbolism is a huge part of tarot. When reading tarot cards for someone, it's important to listen to the symbols in their words and know the most common symbols in your deck. I suggest picking several cards and meditating on them to build a deeper spiritual connection with the deck. It helps to develop intuition and feel the energy of the cards. 

The language of colors can help to outline the emotional level of the situation. The main colors are:

  • White - represents protection, healing, and removing jinxes
  • Red - indicates love, passion, romance, fertility, and attention
  • Purple - connected with psychic ability, nostalgia, and spiritual power
  • Black - indicates the evil spirits or negative energies
  • Green - associated with money and prosperity
A person making tarot reading. There are three cards open: wheel fortune, the star, the world.

Understanding tarot card reading

Tarot cards can become a trusted friend for those who want to invest time into developing their intuition and skills. It's critical for the reader to outline their personal approach to tarot card reading. This makes every reading personalized and unique. 

Some readers follow intuitive messages from their inner spiritual source as they reveal the images and see the story in a spread. Others base their interpretation on the origin of the tarot they believe in, which usually has a stable system of symbols.  

For a beginner reader, I believe that it's better to use each method separately to see which source inspires you and make a clear vision of the reading.  

Later on, you can combine both of them to have a deeper outlook on the details of the reading. Tarot cards can open the unique world of real magic when you understand their language. They can tell you the story, which can have hidden messages from spirits. Sometimes they provide you with discoveries that can completely change the way you see your situation.

Psychic Oliviya. Tarot card reader. Chakra balancing, House blessing spell. Meditation. Aura cleansing. 15+ years experience.

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