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Share your grief with a psychic medium

Share your grief with a psychic medium

“Grief is the price we pay for love.” - Queen Elizabeth II

The world is mourning the loss of Britain’s longest-serving monarch. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at Balmoral on Sept. 8, 2022. 

Of her 96 years, Queen Elizabeth spent 70 of them reigning over the UK and earning respect and admiration from around the globe.

Her death has had a profound effect on people everywhere. Whether you’re in grief over the Queen or reminded of the loss of a loved one, a spiritual advisor can help ease the pain.

How do I heal from grief?

There’s no easy answer. When someone you love dies, nothing really heals the pain. 

“A personal experience made me realize that there is actually no coping mechanism in place for us as humans to deal with or accept the loss we feel for many more days, months, and years to come,” says Advisor Robyn, a psychic tarot reader. “The human mind doesn’t allow us to forget our trauma but it allows us to bury it in the far reaches of our brains where we feel it's safely behind us and we find a sense of a new normal.”

Robyn encourages people dealing with grief to confront their emotions instead of avoiding them. She says it’s normal to be angry and full of questions. Professionals like Robyn hope to give their clients some closure.

“As a psychic reader, I have spent many years developing my connection to the other side so that when someone passes they can always pay a visit and share messages of hope for us that are left behind,” Robyn says.

Connecting with the spirit world

There are different types of psychic advisors who can help you get in touch with the dearly departed. Most refer to themselves as channelers or mediums

Typically, channelers can commune with spirits, angels, and other types of otherworldly guides. On the other hand, mediums are usually specific to communicating with deceased human spirits. Some people use the terms channeling and mediumship interchangeably. 

Of course, there are also pet psychics, who specialize in connecting with our beloved animals in life and death.

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In any case, the advisor needs to take time to tune into your energy and the energy of your loved one. It helps if you share a photo of the person you want to reach. Channelers and mediums may use their own spirit or angel guides to help them communicate with yours. For some, channeling requires the advisor to enter into a trance or trance-like state.

Finding inspiration in the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II once said, "It's worth remembering that it is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change."

It’s worth listening to that advice in the face of grief. Making peace with the pain of loss won’t happen all at once. Instead, we make slow strides day by day. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks.

“Go easy on yourself,” says Advisor Robyn. “Grieving is a healthy process whether you cry, scream or shout or even express anger at times. This is your process. There is no limitation to it.”

Robyn shares these tips for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one:

  • Let yourself feel the pain, and any other emotion you’re experiencing.
  • Be patient with the process.
  • Acknowledge your feelings, even the ones you don't like.
  • Get support from family, friends, and professional advisors.
  • Try to maintain your normal lifestyle.
  • Take care of yourself.