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Pop Culture Podcast | Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Pop Culture Podcast | Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

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Celebrities are just like us. They go through ups and downs in their relationships, careers, and lives in general. But they go through it in the public eye. 

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In this episode, host Jess and Advisor Francesca talk about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson from both sides of the relationship. In Kim’s case, it’s about dating after divorce. For Pete, we’re talking about moving too fast. 

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are sitting together in the restaurant and cuddling.
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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson and Kim K started dating in late 2021. She hosted Saturday Night Live in October of that year. They shared a kiss during a sketch and there must have been some sparks because it wasn’t long after they were spotted together. 

Things became Instagram official in March 2022 and it seemed pretty serious. We saw lots of photos on her Instagram of them together and lots of public displays of affection. They did red carpet events, he met her kids, and he apparently got four tattoos in her honor.

Then, in August, they broke up. The breakup might have been unexpected but was it surprising? 

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Apparently, the distance was an issue with him filming overseas, but tabloids have cited “inside sources” that claim Kim thought it would be a fun fling but it got serious too fast, which makes sense considering her divorce from Kanye West wasn’t finalized until this past spring.

As for Pete, he seems to be a serial celebrity dater and has a history of getting serious fast. He was only with Ariana Grande for a month before they got engaged and that didn’t last long. 

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Listen to the full podcast for Francesca’s about dating and getting serious, plus an in-depth tarot prediction for Kim and Pete.