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Advisor Francesca
Advisor Francesca
Psychic Reading
Advisor Francesca


Hello Dear, I'm Francesca I'm a clairsentient reader & Level 2 Reiki Healer & Life/ spiritual coach! 

I infuse my readings with spirituality and the divine messages I receive. I'm highly acquainted with tarot, remote energy reading & oracles!

During the reading I can 

I can channel direct messages from your counter part, I can see how they think & feel about you, what will happen in the future, and what you can do to improve & change circumstances, I can answer questions with direct yes or no answers, I can give specific accurate timelines and predictions that are known to be accurate! 

During the reading I will

Give you step by step directions so you can transform your situation, give you life altering knowledge to alter your situation, gain greater insight and be in control of your mind, habits and the creator of your destiny, i will give you behavioral formulas to discipline yourself to develop self mastery & advice to elevate your frequency and reduce stress and anxiety! 

During the reading I can channel

Messages from your spirit guides, divine/ source/ god, loved ones whove passed away, messages from your higher self & future self, shadow aspects and unconscious mind

During the reading I can help you identify 

Your life purpose, underlying health issues & advice on how to heal certain aliments, I can help you identify your blind spots, I can help you remove blockages by shifting your mindset, I can identify what's blocking your manifestations, help you identify your life path number, strengths, weakness & career options.

My services are Remote Reiki healings: 

Love Reiki healings - help induce passion, rekindle communication, eradicate third party and interferences & help you and your partner go into union! 

Personal Reiki Healing - Clears out blockages, removes depression, anxiety & OCD, elevates well-being, increases energy & creates alignment!

 I specialize in- •love/ relationships soulmate & twin flame readings • career/ work • self-improvement & personal development •shadow work •spiritual& life path I also can confirm the soul connection by identifying its nature (karmic, soulmate, or twin flame) through numerology & birth charts!

 My readings are very constructive, compassionate, and infused with guidance, insights, accurate predictions/ timelines & clarity!


I've been with Zodiac Psychics for over 3 years and practicing Tarot for 5 years! 

I utilize my former Applied Behavior Analysis experience as I was formally a behavior therapist, i use knowledge so you can modify your behavior to take control of your love life, career life and spiritual life!  

I was introduced to the spiritual community at a young age, my family showed me the world of Kabbalah and that introduced me to astrology & quantum physics which helped me understand universal laws, manifestation & how to master the mind & creating your own reality! 

 I acquired my Level 2 Reiki certificate from the International School of Reiki online! I also have a certification in tarot teachings and currently mastering my work in astrology and numerology! 

My readings are very constructive, compassionate, and infused with guidance, insights, accurate predictions/ timelines & clarity!

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chat disconnected , thank you! 🙏
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Thank you 🙏🏼
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just Amazing !!!! always been so wonderful and spot on xx Thankyou lovely you have helped me on this journey and really love how I have learnt so much about myself most importantly xx your just the best x
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