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Advisor Francesca


Hello, Allow me to grant you clarity and insight to catapult you towards your divine path! I’m a clairsentient and intuitive empath. I specialize in love/ relationship, career/ work, spiritual and personal development, soulmate and twin flame readings. I also specialize in identifying how others perceive you and how they feel about you. I deliver precise and accurate messages using tarot cards and my pendulum.My reading style is delivered in many ways, I infuse it with compassion, spirituality, being straight forward/ direct & also delivering guidance and direction. I’m honest and sincere when I’m channeling and delivering your reading. When I give my readings I remain objective and mindful to deliver your reading with accuracy and love. attain your clarity and insight to embody a sense of love, peace and happiness today, I am just once call away!


My love for tarot began over 2 years ago, I used to do tarot readings on my self and friends. Ever since then I’ve been a tarot reader for 2 years. I’ve taken a tarot class and mastered my session. Most to all my customers have rated my services 5 stars. I have a keen understanding of tarot and combine the meaning of the cards to create a comprehensive answer to my customers. As a tarot reader and intuitive empath, I also channel intuitive messages from the divine when this happens I can feel subtle body aches, body tingles & even tickles, these are indications that the divine or energetic beings are influencing my energetic body to give me answers based on the question asked. If most of my clients have returned for reading, I’m sure you will too, gain your clarity and insight with me today!

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ahh yayy thanks so much for your detailed readings and advice :)
Janelle Alladin
thanks so much and I won’t mess it up this time 😅
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