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How to Manifest What You Want

How to Manifest What You Want

I believe manifestation is one of the most powerful laws in existence.

It is so simple yet it can be confusing to comprehend. Nothing is written in stone. Any part of your life you are unhappy with can be changed through manifestation.

All you have to do is know how manifestation works. Bob Proctor broke down how to manifest into four easy steps: Desire, Vibration, Action, and Attraction.

Let’s go over this easy-to-follow roadmap:

A woman blows the seeds from a dandelion, perhaps making a wish in the process.


We all have things we want to have or change–money, relationships, outcomes. Desires are important because they tell us where we want to be or what changes we would like to see made in our lives. Every desire has the potential to be a reality if you focus your energy in the right direction.

Someone uses a Tibetan singing bowl to create a positive sound vibration.


Vibration is the next step on our journey. Vibration is an energy that you put out when you express feelings toward something. Take, for example, that $100 bill. How does it make you feel to think of $100? Each time you think of that money, your body releases a vibration. Some of the strongest vibrations are positive feelings like happiness, joy, and peace.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have doubt, anger, sadness, or even shame. When thinking of the thing you desire, it is important to change your mindset if you are feeling negative or doubtful about a situation. Sending out positive vibrations will help you to attract what it is that you desire.

Another thing you can do is have a ceremony performed. A professional advisor can use candles, crystals, herbs, and other tools that naturally send off the vibration you are trying to give the universe. The best thing about vibrations? The more positive it is, the faster it travels. So a ceremony can send vibrations that can help you reach your goal faster.

A swimmer begins a new lap underwater in a pool.


Next, we have action. Action is a very important step in manifestation. Many people have what they desire within reach but are not taking the necessary action to manifest it. The universe can only provide tools and opportunities. It is your job as the person manifesting to see when action is needed to bring your gifts into physical form.

Take, for example, that $100 bill. You may walk right past it. Maybe you think about it and then walk away. You have missed your opportunity to have that $100 because you did not take the action necessary to bring it into your life. This is where advising is very important when speaking to a psychic. If your guides are sending you messages, take them into account when choosing what actions move you closer to your goal.

A butterfly lands on a hand.


Lastly, attraction. Finally getting what it is you have worked so hard for. You did not pass that opportunity to grab the $100 you saw lying there because you knew you asked for it, and you believed you deserved it. Attraction is my favorite step on this roadmap because the more you attract things into your life, the easier it is to do it again in the future. Aligning your vibration and growing the level of vibration you can reach is key to building the world around you.

As your vibration rises, not only do you feel negative emotions less often, you can start to rebuild your world. A new beginning opens the door for a better and more abundant future. It's a future that you control with ease because you have the one tool you need with you at all times: manifestation.

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