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Hello my name is Yani. I have been in this physical realm over 30 years. I first came to realize my abilities when I was a very young child watching light and dark figures existing around me. I noticed when I was about 7, I was somehow able to see the future I called it déjà vu until the day I was able to save my family from a tragic wreck seconds before it happened. It was then I knew something was different about the way I sensed the world. As I grew older, I began to feel guilty about visions I would have about those around me if I didn't tell them what was going to happen to them. Of course no one believed me until they realized I was giving them accurate readings every time. When I lost my mother, I could feel her presence leave this earth and I knew she was gone before anyone even notified me of her death. I have also had encounters with my guardian angel who loves to watch over me while I sleep. I am here because like so many others I want to help you answer questions you may have about your life as well as tell you things you may not be expecting to find out. I work with many tools from tarot cards to simply scrying to find the answers you are seeking in life, love, finance, or just general knowledge.The older I get the more I am able to hone my skills but my predictions are currently at a 98% accuracy rate. I am here to help you find the answers to whatever questions you may have so at any time you see that I am available give me a call or send me a text. I look forward to hearing from you!


I have many years of experience helping those close to me and clients who I have grown to know dearly. I give many readings each week and very much enjoy what I do. Some of the areas I have experience in are: 💔Breakup and Divorce = I understand not knowing the outcome of something so sudden may be unsettling. I can give you insight on what is to come and the final outcome of your case. 🔢Numerology = a practice where numbers are connected with the universe in a way that allows me to give you a general analysis based on simple things like your birthday or even age. 💤Dream Analysis = I started in this area when I was young because I always had very vivid dreams that predicted events or answered questions. If you have a dream or see a symbol, animal, or image you cant get out of your mind, let me know so we can decipher what exactly it is that your dreams are trying to tell you. ♈️Chinese Astrology & Horoscopes = This is a very fun way to find out characteristics and behaviors you may have and not understand about yourself. 🙏🏽Spiritual Readings = can help you determine things you may already suspect in love, career, money and many other areas. this type of reading geared toward helping you in personal and spiritual growth. ❤️Love and Relationships = We all have questions in this area. Will I get married is the #1 question I get. Infidelity is another big area for me. If you have any questions about you love life or sex life, I would love to give you insight into the unknown! 🔮Psychic Readings = the most common practice I do. I can use many tools to uncover what may be coming in the future and give you the ability to change your destiny. I can help you with this practice using my clairvoyant abilities. I am here to help you find the answers to whatever questions you may have so at any time you see that I am available give me a call or send me a text I look forward to hearing from you!

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