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How Does a Crystal Ball Reading Work?

How Does a Crystal Ball Reading Work?

A crystal ball is a perfect tool for divination. 

Almost every professional psychic or clairvoyant has this mystical item in their collection. It's been a divination essential since ancient times and a way for gifted readers to guide themselves into a trance state, like a portal from one world to another.

A traditional crystal ball used for divination is made of quartz or beryl. Natural quartz is a favorite in fortune-telling because it's a powerful source of pure energy. It must be perfectly smooth, perfectly round, and not broken or painted.

Ideally, a crystal ball should be placed in the center of a table on a special black wooden stand. The stand should be covered with black paint or black lacquer from above. No one should look into the ball before the session, so it's often covered with a red velvet cloth.

To help the crystal ball reader tap into their abilities, the room must be just right. The only light should come from seven candles placed in front of the veil around the ball. Incense may also be used in scents like frankincense and sage, which support psychic and spiritual energy.

What to ask the crystal ball

Before you start a crystal ball reading, think about your question or the future in general. Often, the crystal ball will decide what information you need to know. 

The crystal ball itself can't talk or think and doesn't have a soul. When you ask a question, you're essentially talking to a deeper part of yourself. Your subconscious mind contains more information than your consciousness. Your subconscious mind remembers all your dreams, keeps all your memories, and knows much more than you might assume. 

Special tools like crystal balls help us gain access to our subconscious mind and get the answers to our biggest questions. 

Try asking questions like: 

  • What’s holding me back in life?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • What am I destined for?
  • What do I need most right now?
  • What is my greatest strength?

How to read a crystal ball at home


Crystal ball reading takes years of practice to master. If you need help interpreting the images you see in the ball and are looking for comprehensive answers to your questions, connect to a professional crystal ball reader

Ask the crystal ball and let a crystal ball reader delve into the hidden messages the universe holds for you. Get the advice and answers you seek about any area of your life.