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Jake The Legend
Jake The Legend
Life Coaching
Jake The Legend

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Hello Everyone, This is Jake, I am very attached to the human soul I was born with this gift that I discovered when I was young inherited from my grandmother.  People call me a healer; I want to share my gift with the world and invest it in helping people as it would be a privilege for me to make a difference in your life. 

I would love to help and listen to everyone in case of doubts and confusion, feeling alone or betrayed, and looking for solutions, it will be my honor to alleviate the pain and uncertainty within you and lead you to the right path. Through Numerology and Astrology, I’ll be able to decipher your inner desires and decode your personality traits; and with my special Tarot cards draws, I’ll be able to unveil your future. 

In addition to my channeler sensation, energy, and empath powers, I will provide insight with compassion and honesty and will let you feel positive about the future to come. From love to relationships, finances and career, studies and travel, with my psychic reading you have the choice to change your life as I’m the clue to your life's mystery, the light to your darkened soul, and the bringer of truth. 

The actions you take today will be the judge of what you become tomorrow, so make the right choice and Chat with me or Call now!


I was born as a gifted psychic and I have more than 15 years of experience with more than 15,000 readings rated A+ and I have the ability to see what will take place in your love life, Career and Finances, studies and travel, and helping people about their life path and how to reach the Ultimate Happiness and to take the right and correct decisions

I am an expert in Astrology, Numerology and Tarot reading, Energy and Sensation connection and healing, Empath, Intuition, Dream Analysts, Clairvoyant, life coaching, reconciling relationships, divorce, and breakups and a great counselor and adviser.

 I have the power to relieve stress and anxiety, I was born with a Divine Message to guide humanity and to spread happiness on this Planet.

Try my Expert Services (You can get packages of multiple Services offers) :

 Service to clean places and to get rid of the evil demons.

Service of Rituals to release Negative Energy and Black Rituals.

Service to break the cycle of bad luck, to clean relationships and strengthen love and trust.

Service of Spells and Rituals for Love, Wealth and Family issues.

Service for Meditation Powers to Release Stress and Tension and relief.






Ms Bee
Dec 9, 2023
Dec 3, 2023
Thank you very much, but can you please answer my last question please and I won’t have any money till next month
Nov 29, 2023
Nov 25, 2023
always honest and great
Ada Moore
Nov 10, 2023
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