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Discover your spirit animal & what it means

Discover your spirit animal & what it means

Is there a certain animal you’re drawn to? Perhaps you’re seeing rabbits everywhere or keep dreaming about a fox. Or maybe you’ve always had an affinity for dolphins or simply relate to the wise owl or independent cat. In any case, there’s a good chance you’ve discovered your spirit animal.

A spirit animal, sometimes known as an animal guide, is a messenger that comes bearing insight and guidance. It can show you what area of your life needs your focus and can help illuminate the path ahead. Shamans have long called on their spirit animals for wisdom and healing and you can do the same. 

You can’t choose your spirit animal. It chooses you. It may appear in your dreams or you may keep seeing the animal, in different forms, wherever you go. Spirit animals can be a symbolic representation of you, with similar traits, behaviors or skills. It’s possible to have different spirit animals appear to you over the course of your lifetime. 

If you’re looking to get in touch with your spirit animal, think about the guidance you’re seeking, ask the animal to appear, then meditate on your intention. If you need help connecting with your spirit animal, consult with a psychic or spiritual advisor to uncover the messages waiting for you.

Once you identify your spirit animal, it’s time to consider what it symbolizes. Here are some common spirit animals and what they mean:

BEAR: The bear spends months in quiet hibernation and represents the importance of solitude. Slow things down, embrace silence and spend some restful time alone. Look within for the answers you seek to ground and center yourself. 

OWL: Take a cue from the wise old owl — be watchful. Someone may wish to deceive you. Keep an eye out for omens and signs that may foretell a prophecy. Your creativity peaks at night.

DOLPHIN: A dolphin is a social animal and works well in a group. It represents harmony, cooperation and good communication. It also signifies freedom and joy. Find your inner strength, trust in yourself, have fun and enjoy your life.

CAT: The self-sufficient cat is fiercely independent. It encourages you to claim your inner power too. Be courageous and embrace adventure. Explore the unknown. Stay curious and listen to your intuition. Look out for the omens and signs that guide you. 

FOX: The cunning fox is smart and agile. Tune into your powers of observation and be careful who you trust. Listen to your intuition and use your intelligence. The night is a powerful time for you — pay attention to your dreams. 

DOG: Loyalty is the hallmark of the beloved dog. Dogs show us unconditional love and devotion. Don’t take your family and friends for granted. Be faithful and trustworthy to the ones you love. Protect them and help them. Don’t forget to have fun.

RABBIT: The rabbit represents fertility, though not always in the literal sense. It may be time to plant the seeds of a new idea or endeavor. Don’t wait to take new opportunities — be prepared to make a leap of faith. 

RAVEN: A symbol of magic and mysticism, the raven encourages transformation and spiritual development. Use your personal power to connect with divine forces. Magical signs are all around you, especially in your dreams.