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Conjuring your dreams with candle magic

Conjuring your dreams with candle magic

Candle magic can attract love, heal heartbreak, and so much more. 

The history of candle-burning rituals is almost as old as the discovery of fire. People have been practicing candle magic for centuries. It's a part of Wiccan rituals and is one of the easiest ways to work magic. You can use candle magic for any purpose or wish. 

Candles relate to the element of fire, so they respond well to magical acts and wishes. They symbolize the worship of fire. They also stand for spiritual enlightenment, the power of the sun, and life energy.

Candles speak their own magical language with their moving flames. Lighting a candle creates a magical, spiritual atmosphere. The dark creates space for light, wishes, and desires to come true. The candle's shape, size, and color are important parts of candle magic. Whatever form it is, the candle is the center of attention.

Working with white magic

Have you ever heard of candle magic? Have you ever made a wish before blowing out the candles on your birthday cake? It's said that the wish will come true if you blow out the candles in one attempt.

You transfer your wish to the candles and by letting them burn, your wish becomes reality. But just making a wish and lighting the candle is actually not enough. 

To convey the wish you use astral powers or forces from the cosmos. The transforming power of fire then converts the wish into the desired situation. Working with astral powers is also called white magic. 

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People tend to avoid magic or fear something bad will happen when they work with it. That's not true. There's a lot you can learn about candle magic in a safe and simple way.

Candle magic often uses the power of the seven planets distinguished in ancient times: the Moon, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. 

In ancient times, the Sun and Moon were considered planets. Each of the seven planets was assigned a particular function. They're each associated with particular colors, days, oils, elements, herbs, and metals. You can use all of these aspects to make your candle magic work better.

What do you wish for?

What's your desire? Try to imagine what it will look like when the magic has worked. 

Want more self-confidence, try to picture what that looks like to you. If you want to find love, try to imagine yourself with your ideal mate. If you want more money, imagine a full wallet. 

What candle color to choose

There are 12 basic colors that all give a different vibrational energy or frequency. Choose the color of the candle or candles carefully. It's best to use candles of the same color inside and out. 

You can also rub the candles in advance with essential oil. Rubbing the oil in is a good preparation for your ritual. You can visualize your goal while rubbing in. Choose a blend of essential oils that suits the purpose you want to achieve with this candle magic. For example, March violet for fidelity or myrrh for healing and blessing.

The color represents the intention, so what you want to achieve. The shape represents the goal or subject. The size depends on how long the spell takes. The colors are most important when doing candle magic. 

Some examples of the meaning of the color of the candle:

Red: strength, physical energy, determination, courage in the face of opposition, difficult changes, sex & passion, self-confidence, health, willpower

Orange: fertility, health, joy, attraction, creativity, success, stimulation

Yellow: learning, travel, intelligence, memories, dreams, self-confidence, knowledge, visions, mental strength, insight

Green: new love, money, growth, beauty, work, success, happiness, prosperity

Blue: healing, wisdom, unlimited possibilities, confidence, truth, healing, cleansing of the soul, hope, protection, creativity, communication, predictive dreams, friendship, removing fears, protection

Purple: inspiration, spiritual and physical strength, spiritual growth, knowledge, wisdom, increasing abilities, psychological competence, independence, power, healing

Pink: the softer-sweet aspects of love and kindness, reconciliation, harmony, peaceful sleep, peace, romance, emotions, honor, friendship, fidelity, femininity

Brown: instinctive wisdom, protection, earthly magic, animal magic, friendship, favors, balance, concentration, house & home, lost things, grounding

White: the color of the Goddess, used with life force &energy of importance in the start of something new, moon magic, purity, spirituality, healing, peace, meditation, truth, spiritual power, protection, joy

Silver: the color of the Goddess's candle, used for intuition & sudden insights, especially in dreams, telepathy, clairvoyance, female strength, stability

Gold: the color of the candle of God, used for success, prosperity, recognition, great ambitions, happiness, wealth

The meaning of your candle flame

Pay close attention to your candle's flame. You can find meaning in the way it flickers:

  • Strong flame: When your candle burns firmly it means that power and energy is being drawn towards it.
  • Weak flame: There is resistance. The candle ritual will probably have to be performed a few more times to achieve the success you have in mind.
  • Dying flame: Things aren't going as they should. You'd better start over and set your intentions with more care and clarity.
  • Flickering flame: There are painful, intense emotions and there is an explosion of energy.
  • Flame points north: A physical change or long-lasting issue.
  • Flame points to the east: A mental change, inspiration, ideas, new emotions
  • Flame points to the south: A fierce situation or discussion.
  • Flame points to the west: Strong emotions and success.
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