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Astrology Answers | Are Horoscopes True?

Astrology Answers | Are Horoscopes True?

Look up at the sky tonight and you'll see your horoscope being written.

It changes every night, as the stars move with the Earth's rotation and the planets orbit around the sun. That's because our horoscopes are based on the constellations that make up the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Your zodiac sign depends on where the sun resides when you're born, that's why we call them our "sun signs".

There are a lot of factors that influence who we are, including this cosmic component. Checking your daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope or yearly horoscope can help you understand yourself better and the events happening in your life at this very moment. 

What is a horoscope?

Ever wonder what the difference is between astrology and horoscopes? Astrology is the belief that the stars and planets have an influence on the world below, from our personalities and habits to our relationships and experiences. 

A horoscope is your astrological forecast. It considers your sun sign and how the current map of the stars and planets may affect it. Curious what your sign says about you as an individual? That's astrology. Want to know if a Mercury Retrograde is going to cause problems in your life? Check your horoscope!

What is a natal chart?

A natal chart is a super detailed and personalized horoscope. It looks beyond your sun sign to see what other cosmic influences were at play when you were born.

An astrologer creates a natal chart based on the date of birth as well as time and location. The chart can reveal your personality, temperament, relationships with others, ideal career path, and so much more. For a skilled astrologer, a natal chart can also provide insight into the timing for life's big landmark events.

Many celebrities have personal astrologers and look to them for guidance daily.

Types of horoscopes

When you read your horoscope on a site like ours, you're getting the traditional horoscope of Western astrology based on the zodiac. But it's not the only horoscope out there. 

Chinese Horoscope

Eastern astrology, like Chinese astrology and Vedic astrology, takes a different approach. Where Western astrology is based on the relationship between cosmic bodies and the sun, Eastern astrology is largely based on the moon.

Druid Horoscope

According to the teachings of the Druids, a person's destiny and character are influenced by the summer and winter solstice and the summer and vernal equinoxes. Specifically, a Druid Horoscope examines your date of birth and the distance of the sun from the Earth at that moment.

Tibetan Horoscope

There's a lot to consider to create a Tibetan Horoscope. This variation revolves around five elements corresponding to the Chinese elements and some so-called primary elements: emotions, time, energy, thoughts, and events. It also considers the teachings of Logman, Meva, the 12 zodiac animals, the planets, the 28 constellations, the life energy cycles of La, and the unfavorable or favorable predictions in various areas of life.

Zoroastrian Horoscope

Also known as the Solar Horoscope, the Zoroastrian Horoscope directly relates to the approximate cycles of the Sun and Saturn. One cycle of this astrological calendar is as much as 32 years!

Signs of the Zodiac

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has unique characteristics. 


Astrology revolves around real constellations and planets and their actual positions and movements in the sky. Unfortunately, there is little scientific proof that astrology is an accurate predictor, but the anecdotal evidence is abundant, and so is the fun we get from looking up at the stars and forecasting our futures. 

Are you looking for some guidance and inspiration that can help you cope with stress and uncertainly? Check your horoscope daily, weekly or monthly or talk to a professional astrologer for your very own natal chart.