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If you have reached our horoscope page and you are actually reading, I may assume you would like to know a bit more about the zodiac and astrology, and ultimately, having a natal chart / birth chart done, or an astrology / numerology reading are options for you.

Maybe, you ask yourself if there is any worth in doing so? The truth is that I can give you a long list of benefits; however, as once wisely told by a sage astrologist ‘This reading will be accurate and have a meaningful impact on you only if are willing and open. It should feel alright in body and soul’  

Therefore, I cannot give you a yes or no answer for that, because it actually depends on how you experience it, how it resonates and fits in you. It was great for me, but I can’t guarantee the same for you.

Astrology embraces a completely new perspective on how you see yourself, and the potentialities, strengths and weaknesses you hold within.

Astrology is an amazing tool for spiritual growth and self-understanding. However, you need to be willing to open up yourself and ready to find answers that you have not been able to visualize and interpret yourself until now.

Maybe you haven’t had the time? Life is so fast, we handle so many activities, commitments, appointments, family events and more that we hardly stop, take a few minutes and look inside. We have no time for self-introspection, we rarely ask ourselves how we are doing, so we lose touch with our essence, forget what we need, what inspires us now, and where to find our true passion today.

The best astrology readers can see through the analysis of transits, life cycles, solar return, progressions, etc. and forecast your behavior and the external conditions that you will encounter in different time frames. Yet, keep always in mind that astrology is not definite, you have self-determination, freedom of choice and free will; we are not puppets of the planets!

Astrology shows that we are, to some extent, molded by our personality, family backgrounds and social / cultural patterns.

Finally, the more you know yourself, the deeper your self-knowledge and consciousness and the greater the freedom you will attain to make more precise and aware decisions.

I do not know if an astrology reading can enlighten your life path, however I am certain that one of our personable and charismatic astrologists can help you see yourself from a different perspective and unleash hidden aspects of you and ultimately, they will be pleased to shine a light and supply you with sound advice that you can rely upon on love, spirituality, relationship, relocation, health, business, horoscope compatibility and many more

Remember, the stars incline, they do not compel.

Give it a try and let me know how it went please. I will love to see you decided to embark on an astrology reading!