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Angelic Flowers

Angelic Flowers

Imagine YOU can receive messages and energy from the Angels though flowers, because YOU are totally worth it!

The Angels would like you to know that,there are great messages and energy attached to every flower. If only you stop, for a few minutes or even a moment to take in their beauty and energy. To realise that Mother Nature 'Gaia' smiles to YOU through Flowers.

I have had the great opportunity to study with great masters, over the years.Who were able to show me the great links between angels and flowers, so I am able to communicate with Angels and the loving energy of the flowers, which brings me so much Joy! My great affinity to angels and flowersgrows stronger as I grow older and more open to the angelic realms.

Today I would like to share this with YOU!!

In this article, I would love to explain to you some of these messages and energies, which are attached to each flower and their connection to particular Angels and how those energies are able to help you in four main Areas:

Purification – “The White Rose”

Love – “The Calla Lily”

Intuition – “The Frangipani”

Abundance– “The Yellow Lily”

Before talking about each of these flowers mentioned above, it is important for me to say that in order to experience the message and energy, whicheach flower carries;

It is not necessary to have a fresh flower with you, as a photograph of the flower will carry the same energy as a fresh one, so it is up to you if use a fresh flower or a photo in order to experience their healing energies!!

Purification – “The White Rose”

The White Rose is linked to Archangels Michael the Defender and Protector and to Archangel Raphael the Healer. The White Rose carries not only the energy of purification, but also the energies of peace.

Realising these energetic cords, which you no longer need in order to move forward with peace and tranquillity in your life, by cleansing, clearing and purifying your internal self which in turn will reflect in you external environment. With your permission and positive intention, The Archangels mentioned above and the White Rosewill go to work in the purification process.

So please seat quietly in your favourite environment and contemplate a White Rose (fresh one or a photograph of it) in your mind and with an open heart. Ask the flower and the Archangels to remove all unwanted energy and to cut cords to people, situation or places that no longer serve a purpose in your life!!

Feel the energy of the White Rose moving though you and if you are holding a fresh one, inhale it scent to increase the purification process.

The message the White Rose brings you is:

  • "Relax and allow my energy to purify your mind body and soul and clear space in your being and Aura to bring more positive energy into your life, I will bring a new sense of joy and protection for you to experience."

Something that you can also do using a fresh White Rose is to purify your bed! Ask the flower permission in a loving way to remove the petals and scatter them on your unmade bed after waking up. Leave the petals for the day on your unmade bed and in the evening, you will probably notice they may have wilted,because they have purified your bed.

Removed all the petals and take them outside into the garden and return them to Mother Earth with thanks for the purification they brought you!!

Love – “The Calla Lily”

Yes, I know what you are thinking Love is associated with the Red Rose, yes true; however, I would like to bring to your attention that the humble and beautiful Calla Lily has a beautiful message and energy of "I Love You!"

This humble and beautiful flower has links to Archangel Jophiel the Beauty of the Creator.

First and foremost“I love You” message and energy is one of Divine Self Love, because without feeling love for yourself, how are you going to attract the love of another!! Its energy is so strong, by you contemplating one or even just having it in your garden or a Vase or as mentioned before a photograph.

It will carry that message of love to your soul mate, if you have one and or not yet met your soul mate, this flower will help you cross path with your soul mate, and it will help create a relationship, which will be based on long lasting love for each other. 

If at this moment, you are going through a difficult break up or hurdle in your current love relationship. The Calla Lily will assist you moving through those challenges, by reminding you that you are loveable and your connection to Love is always there.

Be strong contemplate the flower and listen to it, let the love shine through you!!!

Intuition – “The Frangipani”

This flower carries the energy of enhancing and aligning your Intuition,it haslinks to Archangel Metatron the Aligned one,who helps you align your crown and third eye chakras. In order for you to receive, clear messages though your intuition. (The internal voice you hear, with repetitive messages, which at times you ignore)

The frangipani if fresh has a beautiful sweet scent, however, their photographs also carries the energy of connecting you deeply to your angelic realm and open the doors for your intuition to become clear and receive the messages you need to hear from the Angels and in order for you to move forward, in your divine life purpose. By seating in a comfortable spot and justobserve the beauty this flower has and allow its energy to engulf you.

Feel your crown and third eye chakras opening to receive clear message from the Angels on how to move forward.

Once you have completed this process, (do it for as long as you need, at least 5 minutes is recommended), you will feel more deeply connect with your intuitive self!

You will feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to tackle life with increased love, motivation and intuition!!

Abundance– “The Yellow Lily”

The energy this flower carries is of healing finances, aligning& attracting greater financial abundance to YOU!

The Yellow Lily has links to Archangels Michael the Protector, Raphael the Healer & Metatron the Aligned one. Seeing, contemplating and having this flower around you will assist you in increasing your financial flow. When you need that little extra cash to spoil yourself or to increase finances to enjoy the life you have always dreamed of, this is your flower. Have them in your environment, in photos and use as your wallpaper on your mobile devices, Computer and laptops. Fresh yellow lilies in a vase for home or office,to allow the flower to infuse every environment you are in with the energy of financial abundance!!!

The Yellow Lily asks you that when contemplating it, to give the flower and its energy full access to your financial situation.

By imagining how beautiful your life will be when you do not have to worry about money, to pay your bills and to have plenty of financial resources to take care of yourself, your loved one and share with others!!

This flower will help you also release any unhealthy energetic cords you hold regarding money and financial abundance!

The energy of “'what goes around comes around” is very prominent in the Yellow Lily

Notice coins on the ground, pick them up and place them in a donation box next time you are shopping.This way you start to realise that the Yellow Lily and the Angels are sending you incremental financial abundance and the more you accept it and give it, the more you shall receive!!

Do not struggle anymore with your finances connect with the power and energy of The Yellow Lily!

I know these flowers will start making positive changes in your life and bring angelic messages that will transform not only the way you see and observe flowers but the way you will experience life with their help!!!

If you would like to learn more about the Angelic energy of flowers and how they will help YOU or to connect with the Angels.

Please feel free to get in touch with me, here at Zodiac Psychics.

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