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4 Types of Karma Your Soul Already Knows

4 Types of Karma Your Soul Already Knows

Our lives are a result of the decisions we've made.

Everything we have, good and bad, we attracted ourselves. We carry with us the memories, joy, pain, and trauma of every experience leading up to this very moment. More than that, we carry karmic debt and soul agreements from all of our past lives. It stays with us until we learn the lessons we are meant to learn.

According to Hindu scriptures, there are four types of karma: Sanchita Karma, Prarabdha Karma, Agami Karma, and Kriyamana Karma.

Sanchita | every deed you've ever done, good and bad, in this life or a previous one. They'll be recorded in your soul's karmic account and undoubtedly show up in this life or the next. This karma emerges as positive or negative life events, depending on what you did.

Prarabdha | events that have already manifested or are about to manifest, as a consequence of past experiences. If you win big in the lottery, it's likely you did something very good in a past life and now you're being rewarded for it.

Kriyamana | the things we do now that boomerang back to us. In the karmic account, Kriyamana is an investment in the future. Invest wisely with good actions and wait for the positive interest to accumulate. 

Agama | our intentions, plans, and potential events. This is the karma of the future. If you need to change your karma, this is where you need to focus.

So how do the four types of karma influence who we are and where we're going? We can use them to clear, limit, or lessen the pain and burdens we carry from this life or past lives.

Connecting with karma and past life expert will help you to work on unresolved phobias, emotional hang-ups, and desires you must overcome to evolve as your best self in this lifetime.

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