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My name is Ray and I'm working with pure God energy, angels and spirit guides. I can connect with them instantly and pass their messages on to you. I'm: Psychic Clairvoyant Clairaudient Clairsentient Claircognizant Pet & Plant Psychic Empath Medium Certified Angelic Healer Shamanic healer Oracle and Tarot Card reader Reiki Healer


I have over 14 years of experience working with people and solving their issues in an area of love, career, and finances. I work very close with Archangel Gabriel and he is the one I connect the most during the reading. I was working online, face to face and on phone lines in the past., I'm happy to offer you my services here on Zodiac. What do my clients say about me? Angelic Ray is truly amazing! & I have never experienced a reading like his before, highly recommended and such a beautiful person who is also like a mentor. He has kept in touch through an ongoing issue with guidance & help & really deserves recognition to how brilliant he is � Thank you so much, Ray, will never forget the experience of my Nanna's facial expressions & mannerisms in your mediumship !! & the help yours giving me x Thank you, Ray. I hope and believe your predictions will pan out. Fast, straightforward, and accurate. Will just go to you if I need advice:) Can't thank you enough!! He is brilliant, spot on, kind and so good. You have to try Ray!! Thank you a million Ray!!!


very helpful would love to be able to finish reading
ray please could you help me with few minutes
ray please could you help me with few minutes I needed to speak to you
always amazing. yes i feel stuck because i have been searching for awhile ( new job) that is it sucks
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