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Advisor Ira


A Human who helps others in the bad phase of their life is the best of mankind. Hi, there I'm an expert in the field of psychology. I believe that we often come across many things in our day-to-day routine out of which some leave us hanging in between a situation with a lot of questions doing round in our head making it hard for us to sustain the added stress. For this situation, I am here to help you and guide you toward the path that is destined for you and take your stress away. I will take your every problem as mine and will address each and every one of them with full focus and clarity. I will help you to see and realize the problems from your past that are working as a hurdle in your present and are blocking the way of your future. I have 8 years of experience in the field of psychology and have helped many people to find the cure to their problems. With my ability to connect with spirits, I have helped many people to have a chat with their loved ones who passed away which ended up guiding them toward the right path in the light of my energies. I am still working Day and Night in the field to add more to my knowledge so I can help more and more people in an easy and better way. Does not matter what intensity or what type of situation you are going through ( Health concerns, Financial Trouble, Love conflicts, Not being able to find peace, or some bothering dream), I will try my level best with the help of spirits and my knowledge to find a way out for you. I will address each and every matter with respect and dignity. Not everyone has this ability to listen to others and solving their problems so I consider this as a great gift of god and try to fulfill this duty given by GOD with complete responsibility. I am not here to waste your time and distract you from the real problem, But if you are looking for an undeviating and point-to-point answer to your question then I’m sure the one to go for, My most important rule of operating is truth and only truth. I do not change my words or sugar-coat them to make you feel better but tell you what I see and what is ahead of you, So you can prepare yourself mentally for that thing. A reading with me will give you the clarity and freedom which you need to take a step forward.


I have 8 years of experience in the field of psychology and I have been serving people from a very young age. I always knew that I have the ability to see things with a way different eye than others, Even my ancestors had this thing with them. It Runs in our family and we are helping people from ages. I myself have helped many people to find their real selves and guided them toward the right path in the light of my knowledge. With my truth-filled advice, I have saved many relations and retrieved them to good from the point of falling. With my ability to communicate with spirits I have helped many people to find new hope and restart their things with more enthusiasm with my accurate career advice. I have helped many people find the peace and got their head out of the dream which was bothering them. I have helped people connect with their past one so that they can once again feel the emotions of being with them. For me, the truth is the most important thing and everything which I say is based on truth. I never try to please anyone with my words, But convey the exact thing which I am seeing. I can provide you the much-needed insight into the matter. Palm analysis, Tarot card reading, Crystal ball, or any other medium which you need, I can provide you the satisfying answers with the method of your choosing. For years I have been working with the angels and spirit guides and with their help, I can give you crystal clear and point to point readings to your matters. I firmly believe that if we help others then GOD will help us, That is why I try my best every day to help anyone if I can. Let connect to me, If there is anything bothering you or making you fall into doubts, I will try to clear them all May God have mercy on all of us.

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Ira is amazing and helped me so much! she is so kind and really helped my relationship
horrible wish could get a refund told me 2 do yoga n I'm paralyzed from a stroke!.7
so amazing!!
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