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Tina Delmaro


Hi my name is Tina and I do  Palm, Tarot cards, Psychic Reading. I  specialize in love, career, marriage and much more.  There is no problem too big I cannot help in. If you have questions I got  answers. Call today for peace of mind. 


I'm a  third generation psychic. I've been doing  psychic readings since I was a child. I was born with the gift  to help lead guide and direct others.  I have several locations  in the Bay Area.  I do Palm readings,  Tarot card reading,  Psychic readings,  Crystal ball reading's,  Crystal readings,  Spiritual readings and much more.


Her connection is really weak and keep connecting. But she is try to tell me what is happening
Thank you Tina sorry I ran out of funds. You are truly amazing and honest
Thank you so much. I will be tracking progress. talk to you soon.
Amazing as always!!! Wonderful reading. Thank you!!!
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