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I was born a psychic. I started helping people with my reading from a young age. whenever I meet people, receive messages, phone calls,the angels start giving me information about them. when I was 6 years of age that is where I knew that I have this God gift in my life, in young age I would tell my parents things which would later happen. As I grow up, I knew my gift and I was using it. when I was 19 years old I went to college to study theology so that I can boost my calling with knowledge and wisdom. now I help people regarding this areas relationships, marriage, career, job, business, interpret their dream, helping them to know spiritual things, love/relationships etc.i am qualified psychic with many years of experience of serving people with my psychic ability.

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I enjoy my readings with Lucas all the time .. he’s literally the best person on this app and he’s very accurate
awesome guy! I wish I can take a trip and meet him in person!! amazing dude!
very helpful
awesome reader! fast and accurate
great reading...run out of funds... he is the real thing! fast and on point.
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