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Rayanne Astródia
Rayanne Astródia
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Rayanne Astródia

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Come and see with me how your year 2023 will be with advice on how to achieve your goals in all areas you want to have results, I'm waiting for you! I'm like a special approach to the predictions made for the coming year!💗

Hello, Consultant, how are you? I would like to help you! My gifts come with me from birth, my clairvoyance and clairvoyance manifested in me at the age of 7, and much of what made me evolve on the spiritual path, I was taught in childhood by my spiritual guides, beings from Lis who have protected me since a child; Natural witchcraft came into my life to help me develop and channel my gifts, and it was on this path that I learned about the runes and the tarot, these two taught me to evolve with good advice in the face of the challenges of my life. I helped besides myself, many people, from my spiritual community, my city, and today I help people from all over the country, I would love to help you too! Today I work with the runes in search of divine wisdom, to be able to take to my consult this wisdom too, so that they use it in their lives. I also work with Bianco Neto tarot and with the 40 servers deck, which allows me a high wealth of details and precision in my predictions. I invite you to come with me, find out more about yourself and how to improve your life!


I have been a practitioner of natural Witchcraft for over 10 years, on this journey I discovered my great aptitude for reading tarot cards and runes, and I started my journey doing free reading The use of this deck in conjunction with the runes and the major arcana of the tarot me they allow a wealth of details and very high precision of your situation, moreover, my clairvoyance allows me to see what is being shown in the letters; I am willing to take you to a great improvement of life if you allow me, I hope you have a good time day, and I am waiting for your chat; today I have lawyers, doctors and digital influencers in my client list because the confidence in my credibility only grows over time. Come and be part of this group of consultants too!




Helena Graham
Jun 6, 2024
Jun 2, 2024
Jun 2, 2024
great reading
May 23, 2024
I like chatting with you and may I have a free reading please ma'am and have a blessed night
May 23, 2024
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