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After mastering the Western art of divination, I am currently in Asia to pursue other Eastern divination tools and the art of healing. Hence, my time zone is GMT +7. I will be resting from 11 pm to 8 am and will be meditating from 12 pm to 2 pm every day.

✨️ ABOUT ME: I am a Westerner. I first had my awakening moment around 7 years ago after a severe depression. After my full recovery thanks to spirituality and mindfulness, I have gained the ability to get in touch with my intuition. Since then, I started my journey to learn about divination tools and energy work. Our universe operates under the principles of energy. By understanding and controlling the energy around us, it is possible to manifest the best in our lives.

Positive, honest, truthful and no sugarcoating. I will never give you false hopes but I know how to help you find true hopes and bring a positive outlook to your situation.

I am gifted for the ability to read energy, to see through to the future with the use of different divination tools:

🪀Pendulums: Pendulums are very sensitive to energy and the answers to Yes/No questions in which pendulums are used will be the most accurate. I use pendulums every day to balance my energy and this is also my best skill.

🀄Tarot card guidance: There is no better way to describe a situation than using Tarot cards. I have been practicing using Tarot cards for my readings for 12 years and I am very proficient with the cards and their meanings.

🧿 Energy scan: If you want the best updates on one's feelings and energy, this will fit you very well. I can scan to see whether that person is stable or his or her energy and feelings are blocked. Since feelings and energy are closely related, I can also see how he or she thinks about you.

Check out some suggested questions you can ask me:
❤️ Love: How does my person of interest think about me? Is there a future between the two of us? Are we compatible? Is he/she coming back? Is he/she cheating on me? When do I find love? Tell me about my future lover/partner/spouse...

💰 Finance/Career: Will my finance improve? What should I do to enhance my finance? How does my boss view me? Is there a promotion coming up? Should I stay or should I find a new job? What is my career prospect? When can I expect a new job?...

🌎 General life: Should I move to a new place? Do you see me living abroad? How do I improve my confidence?....

- W. from Malaysia 🇲🇾 
1. "Thank you so much for your help. I finally could find my courage and get away from the bad job and I can get the job I want in Met** group." - requested help to find confidence 
2. "Thank you, that’s is why I now believe more in you and your reading is really very accurate." - a career reading

- A. from the USA 🇺🇸: "Thank you again Nic for your kind words 💖🙏 I appreciate you a lot!! You've been my friend & helper thru my growth. I've taken the advice from ur readings & practice them occasionally."

- E. from the USA 🇺🇸: "Wow, Nic ur good! It was precise and everything started to make more sense. I can really see the big picture now!"

- Anonymous reviews sent by the Management Team: 
1. "He is very good and detailed. Love every reading that I have with him."
2. "He is very good and to the point. I changed the way I attend interviews post I got a feedback from
me. That really helped me as I started acing interviews."



Hello valued customers,

I bring with me a rich and extensive background in the realm of psychic guidance. For the past 5 years, I've proudly served as a 5-star psychic on other brands, achieving the esteemed title of "Advisor of the Week" multiple times. Throughout my tenure, I've had the privilege of assisting 4,585 individuals on the platform, offering insightful guidance and support.

In addition to my platform experience, I've dedicated 7 years to freelance work as a Tarot card reader and energy reader. This extended period has allowed me to refine my skills and deepen my connection with the spiritual realm. My commitment to providing meaningful insights and support has been a driving force throughout my psychic journey.

I look forward to bringing this wealth of experience to each interaction with you, offering guidance that is both authentic and compassionate. Your trust is paramount, and I am honored to be a part of your journey.

Warm regards,




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