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love soulmate(ilu)
love soulmate(ilu)
Life Coaching
love soulmate(ilu)


I have been a psychic all my life, by birth.I always had the ability to see things before they happened, and get a better perspective of my life as it unfolded in front of me.The ability to see, CLAIRVOYANCE in the beginning helped me a great deal in my studies as I always knew what questions will be asked in my exams. :) I then later started using my abilities to help my friends and family resolve issues, and guide them to take the right step.Im also an EMPATH which helps me feel what others feel, I can feel people's energies and understand their emotions.I later at the age of 12 got acquainted with my Spirit Guides, who are still with me, and always help me find the right answers and guidance I seek. They are willing to help anyone in need and always speak the TRUTH, nothing more and nothing less.I'm also a facereader, as my id goes, I can see peoples characteristics from their faces, their behavioral patters, and personality traits... It helps me understand people before I even talk to them.I have not learnt to do all this from any book or anyone... what I have is a gift given to me by god, from the time I was born. It's also pretty early that i got to realize what I have... The ability to predict, heal and nurture.I believe I have been given these gifts to save the world... and make people and every living creature happy...I also have the ability to HEAL, humans, plants and animals...


I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant and clairsentient. I am specialized in career/money advice, relationship/love matters, general readings, life path decisions, and energy readings. I also am a Psychic Medium and have experience channeling. I receive visions quite often to get an overall picture of what you are going through. I also am a Dream Interpreter. I have studied Feng Shui and know of other methods for improving the mood of your home and family members. If there are ghosts present and you wish to help them move on, I have a prayer to help them cross over. I would love to help you.




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