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My name is Ingrid, a straight talking psychic. I come from a Romany psychic family. My mother is a well-known clairvoyant and my grandmother used to read tealeaf’s, crystals and palm reading so therefore I have inherited this gift as long as I can remember. Fortune telling has always been involved in the family life, as part of my daily work. I’m a career's mentor helping adults & young people finding work. I am humanitarian, adore animals especially cats. The tarot cards I enjoy using are the impressionist tarot, cosmic tarot, fairy-tale tarot. In fact, I have several packs. I even use basic playing cards, these are used as just a tool to open up my third eye.


My skills include natural clairvoyant, no tools, and sometimes I occasionally use tarot cards or use the pendulum. As mentioned before, I use basic playing cards to open my third eye. My experience includes reading face to face and private readings, and I’ve been reading for people as a young girl. A lady came to me convinced she would not meet her soulmate, I could see she put a lot of barriers around this and I insisted that she would meet a man within three months time that will prove to be her soulmate, however she did not believe this. Although she contacted me again later, I was able to find out she had met this man and the same month I predicted. I felt very happy my skills have helped somebody.


Amazing thank you .... what did you pick up ?
Ugh ran out of mins . THANKS SO MUCH
Amazing .... ugh ran out of funds please explain what you have seen?
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