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Ellen Lambert
Ellen Lambert
Life Coaching
Ellen Lambert

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I love to use frequency to connect. Once you take a few deep breaths I am able to use my gifts of clairvoyancy, clairaudience, and Clair cognitive abilities to read the energy that you are transmuting in that moment to channel very clear and accurate messages from crossed over loved ones, guides, ancestors and other beings that wish for our highest good. 

I love to use tarot to confirm messages, however I also use a pendulum and crystal energies to scry. I utilize reiki to neutralize energy in order to create the perfect vibration for manifesting the best for all involved. 


I look forward to being of great service to you as we heal and create our best experiences! 


I have worked for other psychic lines in the past. I started working full time as a tarot reader in 2017. I estimate that I have performed about 20,000 readings in my career as a professional tarot reader/ psychic medium. I have taught energy healing. I also teach yoga and other modalities that help to align energy. I enjoy helping others to gain clarity so they are able to discern what will be the best next step in order to manifest the best for the highest good for all. I am grateful to offer my gift to humanity. I look forward to manifesting the absolute best with you! 




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Thank you!
May 14, 2024
I ran out of time but thanks!!!!
May 5, 2024
you’re awesome!!!!!!!! ♥️🫶🏼 thanks !!!!!!
May 3, 2024
thanks for sharing. nice to talk to you
Apr 19, 2024
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