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While Celebrity Love sees shadowy shapes and hears voices, the truly overwhelming sensation for her is feeling the emotions and presence of those wishing to get their messages across the span between our world and the next. Those who have witnessed her readings will attest to the benefits of her "rapid fire" style and the abundance of messages and significant evidence SHE CAN ALSO HELP YOU WITH

Mind, body, home, family, love and sex. Career, business, finances and law.
Lost and found.

SHE HAS Been very successful in helping LAW ENFORCEMENT In locating MANY MISSING PEOPLE.

SO IF YOU ASK IS CLEBRITY LOVE. JUST A MEDIUM SHE IS WELL MORE THAN JUST YOUR AVERAGE MEDIUM .. SHE CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR .PAST / PRESENT / FUTURE .I have had the great honor of being on radio several times . this has helped me to expand my abilities to an even higher level .EXPERINACE CELEBRITY LOVE FOR YOUR SELF



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