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Zodiac Signs Love Languages

Zodiac Signs Love Languages

What’s your love language?

The love language of each zodiac sign is different, just as every zodiac sign has unique traits and desires.  

Have you ever wondered why your toes curl when your partner whispers in your ear? Or why you’d rather a kind word or thoughtful gesture from your love than physical affection? The way we express our love and admiration, and how we like to receive it, reflects a special kind of language we speak with our significant other. This is our love language.

Your love language is how you best express your love and affection in a relationship. In some instances, this may also reflect what kind of partner you are. Your love language may be innate, learned, or inspired by our star signs.

According to experts, there are five common love languages that we can all relate to, or “speak”:

  1. Spoken words of affirmation 
  2. Gift-giving (or receiving gifts) 
  3. Physical touch 
  4. Time
  5. Physical acts of love or service

A person can speak more than one love language, but one type tends to overpower the other.

Like any language, the way we express love can be learned. If you feel like your zodiac sign love language does not fully capture what you want to express to your partner, there’s definitely room for you to learn another, but it may take effort and astrological guidance.

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Love in our stars

Understanding your love language and learning how to appreciate your partner’s love language can do wonders for your relationship. If you don’t know where to start, look into your zodiac sign:


If you’re a Leo, you’re likely confident, headstrong, straightforward, and often a little too honest. Leo is the sign of a natural doer who appreciates action. Most Leo’s express love through physical acts of love or service, and gifts--lots of gifts!

Leo prefers to show rather than tell. If you’re unsure how to express your affection to a Leo, try gifting them a small but thoughtful token of appreciation or offer to help them out with a chore.


Virgos are some of the most practical people around, which is why they respond best to acts of love rather than gifts or words. They like knowing that someone is there, close by, to be their shoulder to cry on. They like companionship and typically prefer a gift in the form of a fun activity together over an object.

In return, a Virgo lover is likely to show their love by physically being present next to you. If a Virgo starts asking you when they can see you again, or if they ask you if they can help you with your chores, you’ll know they’re head over heels in love with you!


Cancer lovers are some of the most expressive people around. It’s often difficult to pinpoint their exact love language since they seem to exhibit so many at the same time. A Cancer isn’t afraid to show emotion and won’t hesitate to declare that they are truly, madly, deeply in love with you.

Cancers are flexible in the way they express admiration and, in return, tend to appreciate a good balance of verbal affection and quality time. By spending time and communicating clearly, you are able to satisfy the Cancer in your life. 


The sensitive Pisces lover is able to express their love in many ways. They also appreciate the many different and unique ways others express their admiration. If you are dating a Pisces, you will feel that everything you do impresses them. But make no mistake, one love language resonates with them more than others: your time.

If a Pisces lover calls to ask you to hang out almost every weekend, take this as a sign that they are interested in you. Similarly, if you want to show a Pisces you love them, give them your time.


The Aquarius is a very flexible and understanding lover. They are naturally independent and oftentimes carefree. So, how does an Aquarius show they care when it seems like they can show it in a million ways? 

First, the Aquarian lover always goes for positive words of affirmation to explicitly express their interest in you, which is often followed by random acts of kindness. The Aquarius lover always strives to be clear in their interest and they supplement verbal or written expressions of love with action. 


Libras are very balanced, which is why it shouldn’t be surprising to know that they tend to show their affections with both words and deeds. Many Libras are poets too, so don’t be surprised to find beautifully-composed prose tucked in your jacket pocket on a random Wednesday from your Libra lover.

If you are dating a Libra, or if you would like to get closer to a Libra, express your admiration in a similar manner. Use both positive words and positive deeds to show you care.


The sensual Scorpio won’t make it hard for you to guess their love language: they use physical touch, like hugs and kisses, to show they care. Scorpio lovers also appreciate it if you carve some time out of your day to see or call them. 

If you are the Scorpio in the relationship, you might find yourself wanting to express your admiration with some physical displays of affection. This shouldn’t be surprising--it’s in your stars after all!


The Capricorn lover is often described as a very serious individual, Their personality best responds to physical acts of love and service. Capricorn lovers appreciate it when you do something for them. If they are in love with you, you’ll find them to be dependable shoulders to cry on or reliable people to seek help from.


The Gemini is often symbolized by twins facing each other. This imagery best suggests a Gemini’s love language: they respond to both positive words and positive action and are likely to show the same to the ones they love.

If you want to impress a Gemini, practice some cheesy or romantic poems and some sweet dance moves you can use on your partner when the opportunity arises.


The Taurus lover is very honest, expressive, and in some ways, very touchy. What does this mean if you’re dating a Taurus? Expect hugs, stolen kisses, hand-holding, maybe even more hugs, and other physical expressions of adoration.

If you want to build stronger bonds with your Taurus partner, prepare for more skin-to-skin contact since they respond best to physical touch.


If there is one trait most Aries are known for, it is their overzealousness, which many might misconstrue as impatience. How do you impress someone who is always ready to go and do something big? To slow down Aries, you need to give them your time. The only way they’ll ever truly know you are serious with your feelings is to give them your undivided time and attention.

If an Aries starts delaying their work to spend time with you, that’s how you’ll know they are serious about you too.


Spontaneous and always motivated, how do you show a Sagittarius they’re your cup of tea? Oftentimes, a Sagittarius lover might forget things you say: they are dreamers, and their mind is often somewhere. If you want your love message to stick, give them lots of gifts and hugs.

In fact, Sagittarius are big huggers and even bigger fans of hand-holding and pecks on the neck. If you are dating a Sagittarius, expect a little PDA.

What’s your love language?

Your zodiac sign may reveal your love language, or maybe you can’t relate. There are a lot of planetary influences in your full astrological profile that can shed more light on what you want in love. It helps to get a personalized reading from a professional astrologer. Reach out to an astrology expert today for your love reading!